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Using Oracle HRMS with Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are commonly used in many enterprises to provide managers and other users with a powerful modelling and analysis tool. Often it is the ability to represent complex numeric data in a simple graphical format that makes them so popular.

You can use Oracle Application Data Export (ADE) to download information from the HRMS database to a spreadsheet for analysis and manipulation. For example, you can download data on current and proposed salaries for a group of employees. You can adjust the salary proposals in the spreadsheet, or enter new ones, and upload the revised data to the database. The ADE upload process reports any errors and ensures that only valid data is saved in the database.

To download information from a form to a spreadsheet using ADE, your system administrator needs to create a style in ADE. The style defines the form it is used for, the responsibilities that can use it, and the columns (or fields) to be downloaded. You determine which records are downloaded by running a query in the form before launching ADE.

A style for downloading salary proposals is predefined.

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