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Using Attachments

You can attach short comments, word processed documents, images, video, OLE objects, or Web pages to many records in Oracle HRMS. For example, you could attach a resume to an applicant record and a position description to a position record.

Each record can have one or more attachments, and you can copy attachments from one record to another. You can store the attachments in the database or in your file system.

You view or add new attachments by clicking the Attachments icon. By default, clicking the attachments icon displays a Comments window where you can enter text up to 2000 characters. This is the Comments facility available in earlier releases of Oracle HRMS. If you want to replace this facility with the ability to attach multiple items, ask your system administrator to set your user profile option HR:Use Standard Attachments to Yes.

The HRMS entities that support attachments are as follows:

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