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Security in Oracle HRMS

You can control users' access to human resources information by record, window, and function.

You can restrict access to records of applicants and employees assigned to certain work structures. For example, you can give department managers access only to the records of the employees in their own department.

Further, within a given department, you can control access to records of employees at or above a certain level. For example, you can give a department's administrator access to all department employee records except those of the manager and assistant manager. You do this by defining security profiles.

You can use the same security profiles to restrict the records accessed by a reporting user, who runs reports against the system but does not have online access through the Oracle HRMS forms.

You can also restrict access to certain information types. For example, you can create customized versions of some windows to restrict access to certain elements and person types.

Another important area of security is control over information change. For each group of employees sharing a responsibility, you can set up a menu controlling the windows to which they have access. If it is important to know who makes changes to information in certain windows, you can enable full data auditing for these windows.

You can specify which processes and reports a user can use by setting up security groups.

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Setting Up Security in Oracle HRMS

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