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Verifying Transferring Assignments for Each Source Position

The content of the Mass Move - Assignments window depends on the source position you last selected in the Mass Move - Positions window. The Mass Move - Assignments window displays that selected source position, and its corresponding source organization and source job. It also displays the target position you have entered for this selected source position, and the target organization and job associated with this target position.

All of the (applicant as well as employee) assignments associated with the source position you selected in the Mass Move - Positions window are also displayed.

As the Move check boxes show, by default all assignments associated with this source position are selected to move to the target position. The Mass Move - Assignments window allows you to verify these assignments, indicate which ones, if any, will not be moving to the target position, and change the grade, location and standard conditions for any of the assignments to be moved.

To verify transferring assignments for each source position:

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