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Interviewing Applicants

Typically, you track applicant progress through a series of interviews and update the status of the application after each interview. You can define different types of interview (such as First Interview, or Selection Test) as values for the QuickCode Type APL_INTERVIEW_TYPE.

See: Adding QuickCode Values

You can schedule these interviews and update the applicant assignment status using the Applicant Interview window.

You can report on applicants and their interview schedules using the Requisition Summary Report.

See: Requisition Summary Report

To schedule applicant interviews:

Other Events Windows

You can also manage events attended by multiple applicants, such as tests or presentations. Define types of applicant event as values for the QuickCode Type APL_EVENT_TYPE. Create the events and book applicants onto them using the Event Bookings window.

See: Setting Up Events

You can view all the events an applicant has attended or is scheduled to attend by querying the applicant in the Person window and opening the Book Events window. You can also enter new bookings here.

See: Managing Bookings and Attendance

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