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Enabling Currencies

Oracle HRMS allows you to use multiple currencies for entering information about employee compensation and benefits. You can also record your payment methods to employees in different currencies.

For example, if you have employees living and working temporarily in other countries, you might want to record specific earnings or deductions for these employees in local currencies. You might also want to pay these employees a fixed amount into a bank account in their home currency. The remainder you would pay in a local currency.

Your startup data includes the definitions of all world currencies. These definitions are shared by all Oracle Applications and are controlled by the system administrator responsibility. You enable those currencies you want to use in the Currencies window.

Note: You must enable at least one currency as the default currency for all information related to money in your system. This default is known as the Base Currency for your Business Group.

To enable a currency:

You can never delete a currency, but you can disable it.

To disable a currency:

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