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Data Collection Fundamentals

If you use the Enter Quality Results window to enter, the following rules are applied. Note that these rules also apply to transactional data collection except where noted.

Specification Selection

When you enter quality data using a collection plan that has been associated with a specification type, you are prompted to find and assign a specification before you can enter quality results.

For example, if you associated the customer specification type with your collection plan, you are prompted to select a customer specification. You can select a customer specification, a specification of another type, or no specification at all. See: Finding Specifications While Entering Results Directly.

Specification Limits Assignment Rules

You can define specification limits for collection elements and specification elements. When you enter quality data for collection plan elements, specification limit target values and specification limit ranges may or may not be displayed at the bottom of the Enter Quality Results window. If and which specification limit values are displayed is determined by your setup. See: Specification Limit Assignment Rules.

Suggestion: You can easily determine the source of defaulted target values and specification limits. If target values and specification limits are defaulted from specification elements, the name of the specification appears in Spec Name field at the bottom of the window. If target values and specification limits are default from collection elements, this field remains blank.

Note: If you have the profile option QA:Blind Entry set to Yes, specification limits are defaulted as described above but are not displayed. See: QA:Blind Results Entry.

Default Value Assignment Rules

When you enter quality data, which default values are displayed is determined per the following rules.

Attention: Deriving the default value from the specification element target value is most useful when it is difficult or impossible to determine a reasonable default value for a collection plan element.

Dependencies and Data Entry Order

When you enter quality results in the Enter Quality Results window, dependencies between context elements are enforced. For example, you cannot enter a value for To/From Operation Sequence without first entering a value for Job or Line. See: Context Element Dependencies.

Quality Actions

When you enter quality results, the action rules associated with collection plan elements are evaluated to determine whether to invoke alerts, notifications, or other actions. Invoked actions may be processed on-line or concurrently.

Collection Number

Collection numbers are used to group and track quality results. The collection number counter is incremented each time quality results are saved.


You can view collection plan or specification attachments as you enter quality results. Attachments, which are illustrative or explanatory files, can be used to help guide you through the quality results entry process.

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