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Setting Up a Default Access Level

When you install Oracle Workflow Builder on a Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT PC, Oracle Installer assigns a default access level that is global to the PC and the operating system you are installing on. Oracle Installer references a file called level.vrf to define the default access level for the installation. You can also assign an access level to each individual user on the PC, which overrides the default access level set for the PC. If a user does not have an access level defined, Oracle Workflow Builder assumes the value of the default access level for the PC. The access levels are stored in the Microsoft Windows registry.

If you are deploying Oracle Workflow Builder and workflow seed data to users in other parts of your organization, and you wish to discourage those users from modifying the seed data that you provide, you can have them operate Oracle Workflow Builder at an access level that is higher than the data's protection level. For example if you, as a seed data provider are operating at an access level of 100 and the seed data you create is protected at a level of 100, then you should set the default access level for your users or seed data consumers to be 101 or higher.

You can set your user's default access level in one of two ways in Oracle Workflow Builder:

For the Workflow Definitions Loader program, you set the default access level that the program operates at for downloading process definitions to a file, by defining an environment variable called WF_ACCESS_LEVEL and setting its value using the appropriate operating system command.

Caution: Although you can modify your access level, Oracle Workflow does not support any customizations to seed data originally protected at a level 99 or lower. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you not change your access level to an unauthorized level for modifying protected data.

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