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Using the Workflow Definitions Loader

Rather than use the File Save or File Open menu options in Oracle Workflow Builder, you can also run a program called Workflow Definitions Loader to save or load process definitions from a database or flat file.

When you upgrade your database, use the Workflow Definitions Loader to preserve and back up your process definitions to a flat file. When the database upgrade is complete, use the Loader program again to upload the definitions back into your database. You can also use the Loader program to upgrade your database with a newer version of a process definition or to transfer process definitions to other databases.

The Workflow Definitions Loader program accepts several parameters that vary depending on the mode that you run the Loader program. Following is a summary of the Loader program's various modes and behavior.

Workflow Definitions Loader Behavior
Mode Data Transfer Data Protected at Access Level Less Than Loader Access Level Customized Data
UPGRADE File to Database Preserved Preserved
UPLOAD File to Database Preserved Overwritten
FORCE File to Database Overwritten Overwritten
DOWNLOAD Database to File Not Applicable Not Applicable

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