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To run the Workflow Definitions Loader for the standalone version of Oracle Workflow:

		wfload <username/password@database> <input_file>

		wfload -u <username/password@database> <input_file>

		wfload -f <username/password@database> <input_file>

Note: When using the force option to load a .wft file from Oracle Workflow Release 1.0 or 1.0.1 into a database, you must also complete a manual step once the .wft file is loaded. You must associate the lookup types that you load with an item type. To do this, in the Navigator window of Oracle Workflow Builder, drag the lookup types from the independent Lookup Types branch to a Lookup Types branch associated with an item type.

		wfload [-d <date>] <username/password@database>
		<output_file> <item_type1> <item_type2> ...<item_typeN>

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