Oracle9i OLAP Services Developer's Guide to the Oracle OLAP API
Release 1 (9.0.1)

Part Number A88756-01
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1 Introduction to the OLAP API

OLAP API Overview
Access to Data and Metadata Through the OLAP API
OLAP API Software Components
Developing an OLAP API Application
Tasks That an OLAP API Application Performs

2 Understanding OLAP API Metadata

Overview of the OLAP API Metadata
OLAP Metadata Objects in Oracle Enterprise Manager
Overview of MDM Metadata Objects in the OLAP API
MdmDimension Class
MdmLevel Class
MdmHierarchy Class
MdmListDimension Class
MdmMeasure Class
MdmAttribute Class

3 Connecting to a Data Store

Overview of the Connection Process
Connection Classes in the OLAP API
Establishing a Connection
Closing a Connection
Interrupting a Connection

4 Discovering the Available Metadata

Overview of the Procedure for Discovering Metadata
Creating an MdmMetadataProvider
Getting the Root MdmSchema
Getting the Contents of the Root MdmSchema
Getting the Characteristics of Metadata Objects
Getting the Source for a Metadata Object
Sample Code for Discovering Metadata

5 Making Queries

How Does the OLAP API Represent Queries?
Getting Primary Source Objects
Creating Derived Source Objects
Getting and Working with Fundamental Source Objects
Creating Constant, List and Range Source Objects

6 Selecting Data

Selecting Elements Based on Key Values
Selecting Elements Based on Element Values
Selecting Elements Based on Rank
Selecting Elements Based on Hierarchical Position

7 Performing Calculations

Performing Numerical Operations
Making Numerical Comparisons
Working with Standard Numerical Functions
Working with Aggregation Methods
Creating Your own Numerical Functions
Working With Strings

8 Using a TransactionProvider

About Transaction Objects
About TransactionProvider Objects

9 Retrieving Query Results

Retrieving the Results of a Query
Navigating a CompoundCursor for Different Displays of Data
Specifying the Behavior of a Cursor
Calculating Extent and Starting and Ending Positions of a Value
Specifying Fetch Sizes and Fetch Blocks

10 Understanding Cursor Classes and Concepts

Overview of the OLAP API Cursor Objects
Cursor Class
CursorManagerSpecification Class
CursorSpecification Class
CursorManager Class
CursorManagerUpdateListener Class
About Cursor Positions and Extent
About Fetch Sizes and Fetch Blocks

11 Creating Dynamic Queries

About Template Objects
Overview of Template and Related Classes
Example of a Template

A Setting Up the Development Environment

Component Overview
Location of Files on the OLAP Services Computer
Setting Up on Your Application Development Computer
Considerations for Deploying Your Application

B Using the Smart Agent Naming Service

Role of a Naming Service in the Connection Process
Getting the CORBA Stub Using VisiBroker Smart Agent


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