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Queries Page

This section allows you to specify all query related settings such as data source groups, URL submission, and query statistics.

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Data Source Groups

Data source groups are logical entities exposed to the search engine user. When entering a query, the search engine user is asked to select one or more data groups to search from. Use this page to define these data groups.

A data group consists of one or more data sources. Data groups are sorted first by name. Within each data group, individual data sources are listed and may be sorted by source name or source type.

URL Submission

URL submission allows query users to submit URLs. These URLs will be added to the Seed URL list and will hence be included in the Ultra Search Crawler search space. You can allow or disallow query users to submit URLs.

Query Statistics

Enabling Query Statistics

This section allows you to enable or disable the collection of query statistics. The logging of query statistics will reduce query performance. Therefore, Oracle recommends you disable the collection of query statistics during normal operation.

Note: Once you enable query statistics, the table which stores statistics data will be truncated every Sunday at 1:00 A.M.

Viewing Statistics

If query statistics is enabled, you can click on one of the following categories:

  • Daily summary of query statistics
  • Top 50 queries
  • Top 50 ineffective queries
  • Top 50 failed queries