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Using Automation Clients Overview

Oracle Objects for OLE is designed to provide quick and efficient access to the data of an Oracle database using various programming or scripting languages.

OO4O can be easily used with
Visual Basic, Excel, Active Server Pages and Internet Information Server (IIS), and other development tools.

Oracle Data Control with Visual Basic allows another method of accessing Oracle data.

Examples are provided for specific methods and properties in the online help. Additionally, example programs are installed with Oracle Objects for OLE and are located in the
ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\oo4o\ directory under VB, EXCEL, IIS, CPP, etc.

Note: To run the examples listed here you need to perform a few
Required Setups. For most examples, you need to have an Oracle database accessible with the network alias ExampleDb to run the examples without editing any of the code. See Demonstration Schema and Code Examples.

Quick Tour of OO4O with Visual Basic is also provided.

Using Microsoft C++

Please read the Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Class Library documentation for details on using Oracle Objects for OLE with Visual C++.

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