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PL/SQL Syntax

function Error_Rule

    (p_subscription_guid in raw, 
p_event in out wf_event_t) return varchar2;


Performs the same subscription processing as Default_Rule(), including:

However, if either of these operations encounters an exception, Error_Rule() reraises the exception so that the event is not placed back onto the WF_ERROR queue. Otherwise, Error_Rule() returns the status code SUCCESS.

Error_Rule() is used as the rule function for the predefined subscriptions to the Unexpected event and to the Any event with the Error source type. The predefined subscriptions specify that the event should be sent to the Default Event Error process in the System: Error item type.

You can also use this rule function with your own error subscriptions. Enter WF_RULE.Error as the rule function for your error subscription and specify the workflow item type and process that you want the subscription to launch.

Arguments (input)

p_subscription_ guid The globally unique identifier of the subscription.
p_event The event message.

See Also

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