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Additional Setup Steps

After you complete the Oracle Workflow installation process, you must perform some additional steps to set up Oracle Workflow for your site. Some of the setup steps are required; other steps are optional, depending on the Oracle Workflow features you want to implement. Refer to the Setting Up Oracle Workflow and the Managing Business Events chapters in the Oracle Workflow Guide for information on how to complete these and other setup steps for Oracle Workflow. The setup steps include:

Attention: The wfdirouv.sql script sets each native Oracle user's e-mail address to the user's respective username. As a minimal setup step, you should edit the wfdirouv.sql script to either link your native Oracle users to an existing mail directory store through the WF_ROLES view definition or, if the usernames and e-mail account names match, then simply add the domain for your organization, such as '', to the usernames in the WF_USERS view definition. Typically, the columns that you change are EMAIL_ADDRESS in WF_USERS and EMAIL_ADDRESS in WF_ROLES.

Attention: Do not enclose environment variable values in double quotes (" ") as this is not supported.

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