Oracle Transparent Gateway Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Guide
Release 8.1.6 for Windows NT

Part Number A82868-01




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Oracle Transparent Gateway for Microsoft SQL Server allows Oracle client applications to access Microsoft SQL Server data through Structured Query Language (SQL). The gateway, with the Oracle database server, creates the appearance that all data resides on a local Oracle database server, even though the data can be widely distributed.

This Preface contains the following sections:


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Notational Conventions

The following conventions are used in this guide:

Italic Font

Italic characters indicate that the parameter, variable, or expression in the command syntax must be replaced by a value that you provide.

Monospace Font

Monospace font indicates something the computer displays.


Punctuation in syntax examples, other than square brackets and vertical bars, must be entered as shown.

[ ]

Square brackets enclose optional items. Do not enter the brackets.

( )

Parentheses enclose all Net8 Keyword-Value pairs in connect descriptors. They must be entered as part of the connect descriptor, as in (KEYWORD=value).


A vertical bar represents a choice of two or more options. You must enter one of the options separated by the vertical bar. Do not enter the vertical bar.


Uppercase characters within the text represent parameters.

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