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Oracle XML-SQL Utility (XSU)

Oracle XML-SQL Utility (XSU) supports Java and PL/SQL.

Figure 3-5 shows the Oracle XML-SQL Utility overall functionality.

Figure 3-5 Oracle XML-SQL Utility Functional Diagram

XML SQL Utility for Java consists of a set of Java classes that perform the following tasks:

Generating XML from Query Results

Figure 3-6 shows how XML SQL Utility processes SQL queries and returns the results as an XML document.

Figure 3-6 XMl-SQL Utility Processes SQL Queries and Returns the Result as an XML Document

XML Document Structure: Columns Are Mapped to Elements

The structure of the resulting XML document is based on the internal structure of the database schema that returns the query results:

XSU Generates the XML Document as a String or DOM Element Tree

The XML-SQL Utility (XSU) generates either of the following:

XSU Generates a DTD Based on Queried Table's Schema

You can also use the XML-SQL Utility (XSU) to generate a DTD based on the schema of the underlying table or view being queried. You can use the generated DTD as input to the XML Class Generator for Java or C++. This generates a set of classes based on the DTD elements. You can then write code that uses these classes to generate the infrastructure behind a web-based form. See also "XML Class Generator".

Based on this infrastructure, the web form can capture user data and create an XML document compatible with the database schema. This data can then be written directly to the corresponding database table or object view without further processing.

See Also:

Chapter 4, "Using XML-SQL Utility (XSU)" and Chapter 13, "B2B XML Application: Step by Step", for more information about this approach. 


To write an XML document to a database table, where the XML data does not match the underlying table structure, transform the XML document before writing it to the database. For techniques on doing this, see Chapter 4, "Using XML-SQL Utility (XSU)"

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