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Using XML Parser for C++, 3 of 10

XML Parser for C++ Features

readme.html in the root directory of the software archive contains release specific information including bug fixes and API additions.

XML Parser for C++ will check if an XML document is well-formed, and optionally validate it against a DTD. The parser will construct an object tree which can be accessed via a DOM interface or operate serially via a SAX interface.

You can post questions, comments, or bug reports to the XML Discussion Forum at


See Appendix E, "XDK for C++: Specifications and Cheat Sheet" for a list of XML Parser for C++ specifications and methods.

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Memory Allocation

The memory callback functions memcb may be used if you wish to use your own memory allocation. If they are used, all of the functions should be specified.

The memory allocated for parameters passed to the SAX callbacks or for nodes and data stored with the DOM parse tree will not be freed until one of the following is done:

Thread Safety

If threads are forked off somewhere in the midst of the init-parse-term sequence of calls, you will get unpredictable behavior and results.

Data Types Index

Table 22-1 lists the datatypes used in XML Parser for C++.

Table 22-1 Datatypes Used in XML Parser for C++  
DataType  Description 


String pointer  


Master XML context  


Memory callback structure (optional)  


SAX callback structure (SAX only)  


32-bit (or larger) unsigned integer  


Native unsigned integer  

Error Message Files

Error message files are provided in the mesg/ subdirectory. The messages files also exist in the $ORACLE_HOME/oracore/mesg directory. You may set the environment variable ORA_XML_MESG to point to the absolute path of the mesg/ subdirectory although this not required.

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