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XML-SQL Utility (XSU) Specifications and Cheat Sheets, 2 of 5

Installing XML-SQL Utility

Contents of the XSU Distribution

Table G-1 lists the XSU distribution archive (zip file) contents.

Table G-1 XSU Archive Contents 
File (with relative location)  Description 


The release notes 


This files is a helper csh shell script which can set up all the environmental variables needed to run the utility correctly. The user must setup the directory information correctly (for example, point to the installed area for the JDK etc.) 


This file is the same as the env.csh except that it is written for the Windows platform. 


The jar file containing all the Java functions for the utility. 


The Oracle XML parser V2 packaged with the utility. 

lib/oraclexmlsqlload.csh (Unix)

lib/oraclexmlsqlload.bat (Windows) 

A csh and bat script to help load the utility into an Oracle database. These scripts call loadjava to load the jar file into the database and then run the xmlgenpkg.sql to create the PL/SQL front-end wrappers. 



This file contains the sql script for creating the PL/SQL front-end wrappers. 

Installing XML-SQL Utility: Procedure

To install XML-SQL Utility (XSU) follow these steps:

  1. Requirements. Check that you have the correct software requirements loaded.

  2. Extract the XSU files

  3. Set Up Your Environment Correctly: Client Side

    • CLASSPATH Settings

    • Ensure the database is up

  4. Set Up Your Environment Correctly: Server Side

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