Oracle9iAS Discoverer Plus and Viewer Configuration Guide
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1 Overview of Oracle9iAS Discoverer

1.1 Oracle9iAS Discoverer and Oracle9i Application Server
1.2 The Oracle9iAS Discoverer architecture
1.2.1 The three tier architecture of Discoverer Plus
1.2.2 The n-tier architecture of Discoverer Viewer
1.2.3 The Client tier (Discoverer Plus and Viewer) The Client tier and Discoverer Plus The Client tier and Discoverer Viewer
1.2.4 The HTTP Server tier (Discoverer Viewer only) What is a servlet? What is a servlet engine? What is the Discoverer Viewer Servlet?
1.2.5 The Discoverer Services tier (Discoverer Plus and Viewer) The Discoverer Java Applet and HTML Pages (Discoverer Plus only) The Session Component (Discoverer Plus and Viewer) The Locator Component (Discoverer Plus and Viewer) The Preferences Component (Discoverer Plus and Viewer)
1.2.6 The Database Tier (Discoverer Plus and Viewer)
1.2.7 Which server machines to install the Discoverer Services components on? The HTTP Server machine The Application Server machine(s) The Master Discoverer Server machine
1.3 How Oracle9iAS Discoverer works
1.3.1 The Discoverer Plus process
1.3.2 The Discoverer Viewer process How the Discoverer Viewer Servlet interprets the HTTP request
1.4 Scalability and load balancing

2 Running, Maintaining and Supporting Oracle9iAS Discoverer

2.1 Running Oracle9iAS Discoverer
2.1.1 Running Discoverer Plus
2.1.2 Running Discoverer Viewer
2.2 Maintaining Oracle9iAS Discoverer
2.3 Registering and Unregistering Discoverer Services Components
2.3.1 To make sure the OAD is running:
2.3.2 To see the registered components on one machine:
2.3.3 To see all the registered components on the network:
2.3.4 Registering and Unregistering from the Command Line To Register the Preferences and Session components with the OAD To Unregister the Preferences and Session components from the OAD
2.4 Editing the End User Preferences
2.4.1 What are the End User Preferences?
2.4.2 To set End User Preferences:
2.5 Shutting Down
2.5.1 Shutting Down the Entire Discoverer System To Shut Down the Discoverer System Gradually To Shut Down the Discoverer System Immediately
2.6 Restarting the Discoverer system
2.7 Adding and Removing Servers
2.7.1 Adding an Additional Discoverer Server machine
2.7.2 To Permanently Remove an Additional Discoverer Server Machine
2.8 Utilizing the Discoverer Viewer JavaScript Enhanced User Interface
2.9 Frequently Asked Questions

3 Installing Oracle9iAS Discoverer on multiple machines

3.1 What are the differences between a default installation and a distributed installation of Oracle9iAS Discoverer?
3.1.1 Default installation of Oracle9iAS Discoverer
3.1.2 Distributed Oracle9iAS Discoverer installation
3.2 Performing a distributed installation
3.2.1 Confirming connection to the default Master Discoverer Server machine
3.2.2 Confirming the name of the Master Discoverer Server machine
3.2.3 Installing Discoverer on Additional Discoverer Server machines
3.2.4 Editing the Discoverer Services pref.txt file (Discoverer Plus and Viewer) What is the pref.txt file? Why edit the pref.txt file? What is load balancing? Examples of Load Balancing How to edit the pref.txt file
3.2.5 Editing the tnsnames.ora file (Discoverer Plus and Viewer) What is the tnsnames.ora file? Why edit the tnsnames.ora file? How to copy the tnsnames.ora file How to edit the tnsnames.ora file
3.2.6 Editing the disco4iv.xml file (Discoverer Viewer only) What is the disco4iv.xml file? Why edit the disco4iv.xml file? How to edit the disco4iv.xml file and what to change
3.2.7 Confirming connection to the Additional Discoverer Server

4 Using a URL to start Oracle9iAS Automatically

4.1 What is the format of the URL to start Oracle9i AS Discoverer?
4.2 Discoverer Plus URL arguments
4.3 Discoverer Viewer URL arguments

5 Customizing Discoverer Viewer

5.1 Using Discoverer Viewer for Customized Web Applications
5.1.1 Customize the general appearance
5.1.2 Customize the application
5.1.3 How the HTML is produced
5.1.4 Steps to Generate the HTML needed to build a specific Discoverer Application Step 1 Browser sends URL Step 2 XML generation Step 3 Apply XSL Step 4 Generate HTML
5.2 Customization Examples
5.2.1 Files needed for customization
5.2.2 Quick Customization Quick customization attributes Quick customization steps Example of editing the style.xsl file
5.2.3 Full Customization Background Prerequisites File Structure disco4iv.xsl page_layouts.xsl gui_components.xsl style.xsl functions.xsl errors.xsl scripts.xsl render_table.xml viewer_config.xml Servlet Programming Interface Receiving data from the Servlet Sending data to the Servlet Customizing Look and Feel - XML/XSL Example Step 1 - The XML file Step 2 - The XSL file Step 3 - XML+XSL = HTML Step 4 - Customize the XSL
5.2.4 Video Stores Demo - an example of an alternative user interface What is installed Set up steps Set up Web Server Run the Video Stores demo Modify the video.xsl file
5.2.5 Other customization examples Logging on automatically Step 1: Add a new template to page_layouts.xsl Step 2: Include username, password and database Step 3: Modify disco4iv.xsl
5.2.6 Customization Summary

6 SSL Support in Oracle9iAS Discoverer

6.1 Getting more information
6.2 SSL and Discoverer
6.3 What is SSL and why should I use it?
6.4 How does SSL work?
6.5 About Public Key Encryption Technology
6.6 SSL authentication and certificates
6.7 What steps do I need to follow?
6.7.1 To configure SSL with Discoverer Plus
6.7.2 To configure SSL with Discoverer Viewer
6.8 Configuring Discoverer Plus to use SSL
6.8.1 How does Discoverer Plus support SSL?
6.8.2 How do I configure Visibroker Gatekeeper to use SSL?
6.8.3 Installing Visibroker Gatekeeper to work with SSL
6.8.4 Getting SSL certificates Specifying the certificate information Specifying private key passwords Specifying output file name Specifying key size Using an S/MIME certificate chain
6.8.5 Installing SSL certificates
6.8.6 Installing the x509cert.jar file
6.8.7 Installing the required shared library files
6.8.8 Enabling SSL in Discoverer Plus start pages
6.8.9 Using SSL inside firewalls
6.9 Configuring Discoverer Viewer using HTTPS
6.9.1 Editing the httpd.conf file to set up HTTPS
6.9.2 Editing the file to set up HTTPS
6.9.3 Editing the disco4iv.xml file to set up HTTPS
6.9.4 Editing the viewer_config.xml file to set up HTTPS
6.9.5 Enabling SSL in Discoverer Viewer

7 Configuring Discoverer Plus for Firewall Support

7.1 Terminology
7.2 Getting more information
7.3 Before you start
7.4 About Internet Firewalls
7.4.1 What is an Internet Firewall?
7.4.2 What is a Demilitarized Zone?
7.4.3 About secure ports
7.5 About Visibroker Gatekeeper
7.5.1 What is Visibroker Gatekeeper?
7.5.2 Why does Discoverer Plus need Visibroker Gatekeeper?
7.5.3 Required Visibroker Gatekeeper Versions
7.6 Choosing a Gatekeeper configuration for Discoverer
7.6.1 About firewall configurations
7.6.2 DMZ configuration examples
7.6.3 Which Gatekeeper configuration do I choose?
7.7 Using Visibroker Gatekeeper with an IIOP Proxying Configuration
7.7.1 Overview
7.7.2 Configuring Gatekeeper with no firewall separating Discoverer Services
7.7.3 Configuring Gatekeeper with Discoverer Server components behind an internal firewall
7.8 Using Visibroker with a HTTP Tunnelling Configuration
7.8.1 Overview
7.8.2 Configuring Gatekeeper with no firewall separating Discoverer Services
7.8.3 Configuring Gatekeeper with Discoverer server components behind an internal firewall
7.8.4 Persistent HTTP Connections
7.9 Configuring the Discoverer client
7.9.1 About the Discoverer client connection sequence
7.9.2 How to use a specific connection method
7.10 Configuring Visibroker Gatekeeper
7.10.1 Where to run Visibroker Gatekeeper
7.10.2 Running Visibroker Gatekeeper on the HTTP Server
7.10.3 Running Visibroker Gatekeeper on a different Server
7.10.4 Configuring the Visibroker Gatekeeper port
7.10.5 Changing the default Visibroker Gatekeeper port
7.10.6 Getting Log Information from Visibroker Gatekeeper
7.10.7 Configuring NAT devices to work in front of the Gatekeeper

A Oracle9iAS Discoverer and Oracle Applications

A.1 Specifying display of the Applications User Checkbox in the Discoverer Viewer Connect Dialog
A.2 Specifying display of the Applications User Checkbox in the Discoverer Plus Connect Dialog
A.3 Settings in pref.txt for Oracle Applications Users

B Discoverer Viewer Configuration Files

B.1 Configuration settings in viewer_config.xml
B.2 Configuration settings in disco4iv.xml

C Oracle9iAS Discoverer Preference Settings

C.1 Preference settings in pref.txt


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