Welcome to Oracle9i Application Server!

Becoming an e-business is part of being a business success. As your company evolves from a simple Internet presence to a full-fledged e-business, you need an infrastructure that can grow with your business.

The Oracle9i Application Server platform provides integrated development, deployment, and management tools to simplify creating and deploying the e-business applications that you need to run your business on the Internet. Coupled with the power of the Oracle8i database, Oracle9i Application Server provides a reliable, scalable, and secure middle-tier application server designed to support your evolution into an e-business. It provides a set of services so the technological complexity of assembling a complete middle-tier Internet infrastructure is managed for you.

Using Oracle9i Application Server, your applications can deliver Web content, host Web applications, process transactions, and make these services accessible to users via a client browser. Users can access information, perform business analysis, and run business applications on the Internet, or on internal and external corporate intranets.

Browse through the Quick Tour to learn more about the features and components of Oracle9i Application Server, Release 1.0.2.

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