Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Administrator's Guide
Release 3.0.9

Part Number A88732-01
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1 Concepts and Architecture

Introduction to Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On
Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Components
Login Server
Partner Applications
External Applications
Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Software Development Kit
Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Authentication Methods
Local User Authentication
External Repository Authentication
Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Processes
Authenticating to the Login Server
Accessing a Partner Application
Partner Application Development Requirements
Accessing an External Application

2 Administrative Basics

User Accounts
Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On User Accounts
Oracle9iAS Portal User Accounts
Oracle Database User Accounts
Default Oracle9iAS Portal User Accounts and Schemas
Administrator Roles
Oracle9iAS Portal Administrator Role
Login Server Administrator Role
Granting Login Server Administrator Privileges
Logging In Using Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On
Configuring the Login Server
Edit Login Server Page
User Lockout
Login Server Configuration Procedure

3 User Management

Usernames and Passwords
Creating User Accounts
Editing User Accounts
Deleting User Accounts
Exporting and Importing User Accounts
Exporting User Accounts
Importing User Accounts
Administering Passwords
Change Password Page
Resetting the Administrator's Password
Resetting User Passwords
Installing the Password Reset Feature
Reset Password Page Example
WWSSO_ALERT Package Body Example

4 Application Management

Administering Partner Applications
Administering External Applications
Adding Partner and External Applications
Adding a Partner Application
Adding an External Application
Editing Partner and External Applications
Editing a Partner Application
Editing an External Application
Adding External Applications to the External Applications Portlet
Specifying External Application Login Information

5 Customizing Single Sign-On

Customizing the Login and Change Password Pages
Customizing the Single Sign-On Login Page
Customizing the Change Password Page
Installing Customized Login and Change Password Pages
Configuring the Login Server for LDAP Authentication
Configuring the Login Server for LDAP User Authentication
LDIF File Example

6 Deployment Considerations

Demo Certificate
Oracle9iAS Portal Troubleshooting
Secure Login
Password Policy
Account Lock Policy
Unlocking a User


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