Welcome to the Oracle Portal Quick Tour!

Need to provide access to a wide range of Web-enabled applications? Make available a disparate set of files, images, and URLs both inside and outside of your Intranet? Oracle Portal allows you to assemble entry points to each of these data types all on a single page. What's more, you can easily create different pages to meet the needs of individual job classes—Finance, Development, Human Resources, and so on—or individual groups of users within those departments. And Oracle Portal provides everything you need within a single, easy-to-use interface. No longer do you have to go to one provider for content management, another for search features, and yet another for personalization capabilities to create the portal you want.

Your users will appreciate how quickly they'll be able to access the information they need without having to hunt for hours across various systems and Web sites. In addition, they'll use Oracle Portal's broad set of customization features to tailor the content and appearance of the portal so it suits their individual preferences. And, depending on how you set things up, they'll even be able to share data with others, all from within a consistent, familiar interface.

By the end of this Quick Tour, you should have a good understanding of how Oracle Portal makes it easy to create and access personalized views of the applications and information you need—reliably, securely, and most of all, easily.

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