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Oracle9i Application Server Release Notes Addendum,
Release 2 (9.0.2) for AIX-Based Systems, hp HP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit), hp Tru64 UNIX, and Linux x86
Part No. A97395-09
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1 What's New in the Oracle9i Application Server Release Notes Addendum?

1.1 Chapter 3, "Installation and Migration Issues"
1.2 Chapter 8, "Documentation Errata"

2 Introduction

2.1 Purpose of this Document
2.2 Accessibility Information
2.3 Certification Information
2.4 Best Practices
2.5 Requirements
2.5.1 UnitedLinux Requirements
2.6 Component Version Numbers

3 Installation and Migration Issues

3.1 Installation Issues
3.1.1 Summary of the Oracle9iAS Installation Process J2EE and Web Cache Installation With No Infrastructure All Other Installation Types Including J2EE and Web Cache With Infrastructure
3.1.2 Install Mandatory Patch for Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On on HP-UX and Linux
3.1.3 Simultaneous Installations Using Common Infrastructure May Result in Errors
3.1.4 Multiple Installations Using Same Installer Session May Result in Errors
3.1.5 Perform Additional Infrastructure Database Installations in a Serial Manner
3.1.6 Infrastructure Database Should Not Be Used During Infrastructure Installation
3.1.7 Service Errors and NoClassDefFound Exceptions
3.1.8 Instructions for Multi-User Installations
3.1.9 Oracle Enterprise Manager Web Site Must Be Shut Down Before Installation
3.1.10 Portal Configuration Issues During Portal and Wireless Upgrade
3.1.11 Help Information is Missing for Infrastructure Summary Screen
3.1.12 Oracle9iAS Metadata Repository Coexisting with Other Oracle Databases
3.1.13 Reusing Instance Name Generates Errors
3.1.14 Ulimit and Swap File Settings
3.1.15 Preinstallation Packages for Linux Intel
3.1.16 Installing on Red Hat Linux
3.1.17 Using Oracle Internet File System with Red Hat Linux
3.1.18 Using Oracle Ultra Search with Red Hat Linux
3.1.19 Default Port Number for Oracle Internet Directory on Linux
3.1.20 Oracle Universal Installer on Linux
3.1.21 ORACLE_HOME Path
3.1.22 Uniqueness of Instance Names Not Verified in All Cases
3.1.23 Oracle Universal Installer Restrictions on 16-bit Colors
3.1.24 Updated Information for Oracle9iAS Interoperability Patch CD README
3.1.25 Information About Oracle Internet Directory Version Number in Oracle9iAS Interoperability Patch CD README
3.1.26 Verify Permissions to /tmp, /var/tmp, $TMP, $TEMP, and $TMPDIR Directories Before Installation
3.1.27 Installing on HP-UX
3.1.28 Oracle9iAS Migration Assistant Installation
3.1.29 Installing on Tru64 UNIX
3.1.30 Oracle Universal Installer Errors on AIX, HP-UX and Tru64 UNIX Systems
3.1.31 Installation Might Report an Insufficient Swap Space Error
3.1.32 Reboot System After Modifying etc/hosts File
3.1.33 Oracle9iAS Does Not Support Changing the Host Name and IP Address After Installation
3.1.34 Domain Name Must Start with an Alphabetical Character
3.1.35 Information About Domain Name Change Issues After Reboot
3.1.36 Information About Users And Groups is Lost While Running Oracle9iAS Portal Configuration Assistant
3.1.37 Linux Installation Screen
3.1.38 Installing on IBM AIX-Based Systems
3.1.39 Information about Portal and Wireless Instance Passwords
3.1.40 Information about Concurrent Portal and Wireless Installations
3.1.41 UM Configuration Assistant Fails if UM is Installed in Same Oracle Home as Portal and Wireless
3.1.42 Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence Not Accessible After Upgrade
3.1.43 Localhost entry in hosts file
3.1.44 Checking the Hardware Requirements
3.1.45 Checking the Software Requirements
3.1.46 Additional Preinstallation Steps for UnitedLinux
3.1.47 Additional Steps for Installing on UnitedLinux
3.1.48 Unset Environment Variable Before Installation
3.1.49 Clustered Environments
3.2 Postinstallation Issues
3.2.1 JServ, By Default, is Not Configurable After Installation
3.2.2 Reset SYS and SYSTEM Passwords After Installation
3.2.3 Installing the Oracle9iAS Interoperability Patch
3.3 Silent and Non-Interactive Installation Issues
3.3.1 Performing a Silent Installation on AIX-Based Systems
3.4 Deinstallation Issues
3.4.1 Shut Down All Processes Before Deinstallation
3.4.2 Installer Requests for Primary Installation During Deinstallation if More Than One Installation is Detected
3.4.3 Use Oracle Universal Installer 2.1 Or Greater to Deinstall
3.4.4 Transferring Oracle Enterprise Manager Web Site After Deinstallation of an Instance Produces Error
3.4.5 Deinstallation of 9.0.2 or 9.0.3 Instances from a Computer that Also Contains Release 2 (9.0.4) Instances Issue: Release 2 (9.0.4) Instance Must Not Contain the Active Oracle Enterprise Manager If a Release 2 (9.0.4) Instance Becomes the Active Oracle Enterprise Manager
3.5 Reinstallation Issues
3.6 Migration Issues
3.6.1 Subscriber Name Issue While Migrating Users
3.6.2 Migrating URL-Adapter Based Services
3.6.3 Pre-Upgrade Tasks Before Oracle Internet Directory Migration

4 Changing the IP Address of an Oracle9iAS Host

4.1 How to Use This Chapter
4.2 Things to Know Before You Start
4.2.1 Which Versions Are Supported?
4.2.2 Which Install Types Are Supported?
4.2.3 Are There Any Special Requirements for Hosts That Are Part of a Farm?
4.2.4 Can I Change Multiple Hosts in Any Order?
4.3 Changing the IP Address of a Host with One Oracle9iAS Installation
4.4 Changing the IP Address of a Host with Multiple Oracle9iAS Installations
4.5 Recovering From a Failed IP Address Change

5 Silent and Non-Interactive Installation

5.1 Introduction
5.1.1 Silent Installation
5.1.2 Non-Interactive Installation
5.2 Requirements
5.3 Preinstallation
5.4 Create the Response File
5.4.1 All Oracle9iAS Installations
5.4.2 Specific Oracle9iAS Installations Oracle9iAS Infrastructure: Configure Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Oracle9iAS Infrastructure: Configure Oracle Internet Directory Oracle9iAS Infrastructure: Use an Existing Oracle Internet Directory and Configure Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Oracle9iAS Infrastructure: Use an Existing Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Oracle9iAS Developer Kits J2EE and Web Cache Without Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On J2EE and Web Cache With Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Portal and Wireless Business Intelligence and Forms Unified Messaging
5.5 Start the Installation
5.6 Postinstallation
5.6.1 Oracle9iAS Infrastructure
5.6.2 J2EE and Web Cache without Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On
5.6.3 J2EE and Web Cache with Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On
5.6.4 Portal and Wireless
5.6.5 Business Intelligence and Forms
5.6.6 Unified Messaging
5.7 Response File Parameter Definitions

6 Management and Security Issues

6.1 Management Issues
6.1.1 Login Problems for Oracle Enterprise Manager of Secondary Instance
6.1.2 Microsoft Internet Explorer Fails in Chinese Environment on DAS
6.1.3 Japanese Help Modules Display Incorrectly
6.1.4 Oracle Enterprise Manager Web Site Log Files are Too Large
6.1.5 Japanese Language Version Contains Missing Graphic Files
6.1.6 Deployment of Applications to OC4J When the Default User Manager is Principals
6.1.7 Language Help Files Missing for APAC, OC_4J, and IASTOP_HELP.JAR
6.1.8 Concurrent Administrative Operations on a Cluster Not Supported
6.1.9 Directing Requests to OC4J Instances in Different Oracle Homes Requirements General Procedure Directing Requests between Infrastructure and Mid-Tier Directing Requests through the Infrastructure Directing Requests through the Mid-Tier Determining Oracle9iAS Instance Names Determining OC4J Instance Names Determining Cluster Names Editing the mod_oc4j.conf File
6.1.10 Host Metrics on Tru64 UNIX
6.1.11 Metrics and Rollup Stats May Not Be Visible on Oracle9iAS Home Page
6.1.12 Do Not Use dcmctl and EMD Concurrently to Manage an Instance
6.1.13 Additional Information for Oracle9iAS Backup and Recovery
6.2 Security Issues
6.2.1 IASOBF and SSO Wallet Support is User-dependent
6.2.2 Disable Demonstration Pages in Production Systems to Ensure Security

7 Component Issues

7.1 Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence Issues
7.1.1 File is Not Updated After the Dedicated Database is Configured Using Command Line
7.1.2 Clickstream Analytics not supported on Tru64 UNIX
7.1.3 Working With a Oracle9i Server Release 2 ( Database
7.2 Oracle9iAS Discoverer Issues
7.2.1 Discoverer Servlet Requires Access to an X Server to Support its Charting Functionality
7.2.2 Problem With Oracle9iAS Discoverer Plus Demonstration Link
7.2.3 Error May Occur While Migrating Oracle9iAS Discoverer
7.2.4 Information About Discoverer Public Connections
7.2.5 Run After Installation
7.2.6 Discoverer Demonstration Connection
7.2.7 Infrastructure Database Setup with the UTF8 Character Set
7.3 Oracle9iAS Forms Services Issues
7.3.1 Updated Information for Using Oracle JInitiator
7.3.2 HTTP and HTTPS Cannot Be Used Simultaneously with Single Sign-On
7.3.3 Creating Relation Causes Builder to Crash
7.3.4 Steps Required to Set Up PJCs Generated by JDeveloper in Forms
7.3.5 Complete Classpath Not Available for JDAPI
7.3.6 Graphics Integration Does Not Work
7.3.7 Java Plug-in Security Warning Message Pops Up When Web Form are Run in Native Netscape Browser
7.3.8 JVM Dump on Creating Trigger or Program Unit When Classpath Exceeds 511 Characters
7.3.9 fmhelp.jar File Location is Incorrect
7.3.10 Considerations for Forms and Reports Integration
7.3.11 Accessing a Sample Form Results in an Browser Error
7.3.12 Oracle9i Developer Suite
7.3.13 Warning Unalligned Message on Tru64 UNIX
7.4 Oracle HTTP Server Issues
7.4.1 Microsoft Internet Explorer Might Report Incorrect Host Header After a Redirect
7.4.2 Microsoft Internet Explorer Might Report Errors When Two OSSO Protected Servers are on the Same Host
7.4.3 opmnctl stopproc Command Might Hang
7.4.4 Information About Protecting Metadata Directories Used by OJSP
7.4.5 Configuring a Virtual Host Improperly Can Cause DADs to Break
7.4.6 Oracle HTTP Server ( Cannot Be Used with Oracle9iAS (9.0.2.x)
7.5 Oracle9iAS InterConnect Issues
7.5.1 Oracle9iAS InterConnect Adapter for HTTP Start Script
7.5.2 MQ Series Adapter Will Not Start
7.5.3 Interconnect Services Not Started by Management Server on IBM AIX
7.5.4 Comma-Separated Values File Parsing with the Data Definition Description Language CSVs are Assigned to Named Fields All CSVs are Read into an Array Delimiter Encoding Styles Obtaining D3L Enhancements
7.6 Oracle Internet Directory Issues
7.6.1 Oracle Internet Directory Server May Log Extra Information When LDAP Main Page is Accessed
7.6.2 Updated Information for Oracle Internet Directory Port Numbers
7.6.3 Instructions for Manually Deploying DAS
7.6.4 Insufficient Privileges For Portal Installation When Not Installed as Oracle Internet Directory User
7.7 Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE Issues
7.7.1 MERANT DataDirect Connect JDBC Driver
7.7.2 XML-Based JAAS Demo README.TXT Refers to a Non-Existent README
7.7.3 Information About Updating OC4J Admin Password Using JAZN Administration Tool
7.7.4 Configuring JVM for JAAS LoginModule Support
7.7.5 Updated Information About Sharing Cached Objects in an OC4J Servlet
7.7.6 OC4J/JMS Should Not Be Used
7.7.7 Failover Requires Load-on-Startup
7.8 Oracle9iAS Personalization Issues
7.8.1 Use HTTPS to Invoke Oracle9iAS Personalization Administrative Utility
7.8.2 Oracle9iAS Personalization Configuration Requires Oracle Shared Library Location
7.8.3 Port Numbers for Oracle9iAS Personalization Must Be Four Digits or Fewer
7.8.4 Restart OC4J_BI_FORMS After Running Oracle9iAS Personalization Configuration Wizard
7.8.5 Oracle9iAS Personalization REAPI Demo User ID and Applications Session ID Must Not Be the Same
7.8.6 Default Mail Server For Oracle9iAS Personalization Cannot Be Changed
7.8.7 Flat Taxonomies are Not Supported by Oracle9iAS Personalization
7.8.8 OPCONFIG Should Check If LD_LIBRARY_PATH is Set
7.9 Oracle9iAS Portal Issues
7.9.1 Oracle9iAS Portal Configuration Fails Through Oracle Enterprise Manager
7.9.2 Registering Oracle Portal Provider for Wireless Web Tool and Wireless Customization Fails
7.9.3 Oracle9iAS Web Cache Errors Occur If Templates Used by More Than 25 Pages
7.9.4 Disabling the IP Check of Cookie Validation
7.9.5 Problems Displaying Table/View LOVs When Creating Forms
7.9.6 Items or Pages Cannot Be Created Using WebDAV Clients
7.9.7 Working With a Oracle9i Server Release 2 ( Database
7.10 Oracle9iAS Reports Services Issues
7.10.1 Servlet and CGI Syntax for GETJOBID
7.10.2 Import Oracle9iAS Portal Component
7.10.3 No Shell Entry in Oracle Internet Directory for Users
7.10.4 URL Encoding
7.10.5 Bold Korean Font Not Appearing Correctly
7.10.6 Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration
7.10.7 Incorrect Link in Oracle9iAS Reports Services Getting Started
7.10.8 Considerations for Forms and Reports Integration
7.10.9 Reports/Express PDS
7.10.10 Visibroker
7.10.11 Visibroker Smart Agent on Tru64 UNIX Starting osagent from Oracle9i Developer Suite Release 9.0.2 on Windows NT
7.10.12 Oracle9i Developer Suite
7.10.13 Warning Unalligned Message on Tru64 UNIX
7.10.14 Reports Backward Compatibility Support on AIX
7.10.15 Reports in-process server gives REP-3000 error when running report
7.10.16 Oracle9iAS Reports Services Crashes When Running Reports with Graphs
7.10.17 Reports Configuration Assistant Fails during Installation
7.10.18 Running JSP Reports from Oracle9iAS Portal
7.11 Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Issues
7.11.1 Updated Information for Script
7.11.2 Non GET Requests for Single Sign-On Server
7.12 Oracle9iAS Web Cache Issues
7.12.1 Oracle9iAS Web Cache May Fail if it is Started Using EMD
7.12.2 Incorrect Label Displayed When Starting Web Cache
7.13 Oracle9iAS Web Services Issues
7.13.1 UDDI v1.0 Compliance Patch
7.13.2 Readme for SOAP Stock Quote Sample is Outdated
7.13.3 Client Programs for Oracle Soap's Stored Proc Demo Need to be Modified
7.14 Oracle9iAS Wireless Issues
7.14.1 Registering Oracle Portal Provider for Wireless Web Tool and Wireless Customization Fails
7.14.2 Generic Single Sign-On Errors Encountered When Using Microsoft Internet Explorer
7.14.3 SimpleImage and Alternate Text Display
7.14.4 Oracle9iAS Wireless Modules: Important Information About an Upcoming Patch
7.14.5 Web Component Developer Breaks for Composite Web Component
7.14.6 High Availability for Oracle9iAS Wireless
7.14.7 Oracle9iAS Wireless Process Status Unavailable for Multiple ORACLE_HOMEs with External Repository
7.15 Oracle Ultra Search Issues
7.15.1 Schedule Fails in Ultra Search Instances
7.15.2 Oracle Ultra Search Migration Produces Errors
7.16 Oracle9iAS Unified Messaging Issues
7.16.1 Configuring Oracle9iAS Unified Messaging with Multiple E-mail Domains
7.16.2 Information About Shutting Down Sendmail
7.16.3 External Procedures on HP-UX and AIX Systems
7.17 JDK Issue on Linux

8 Documentation Errata

8.1 Oracle9i Application Server Core Documentation
8.1.1 Oracle9i Application Server Administrator's Guide Updated Information for Starting the Infrastructure Additional Information About OEM_RESPOSITORY Schema Additional Information About Configuring Oracle Management Server Modified Information for Managing Oracle Internet Directory Additional Information for the "Managing Oracle Internet Directory" Chapter Include Additional Port Numbers for Oracle9iAS Web Cache Correct Information Regarding Routing Priority for OC4J Requests Updated Syntax for OPMN Samples Incorrect Instructions for Starting and Stopping Reports Server Incorrect Information in the "About Infrastructure Association" Section Incorrect Information in the "Using SSL for Your Production Environment" Section Updated Information for "Relocating Metadata Repository Datafiles to a Different Directory" Section Incorrect Link to Table for Starting and Stopping the Enterprise Manager Web Site on UNIX Incorrect Definition for DCM
8.1.2 Oracle9i Application Server Installation Guide Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH Should Not Be a Prerequisite Silent and and Non-Interactive Installations Incorrect Information in "Oracle9iAS Components" Table About Oracle UDDI Enterprise Web Services Registry Missing /var/tmp Space Requirements Incorrect Information for Infrastructure Summary Screen Incorrect Screen Name Incorrect Command for Setting the TMPDIR Environment Variable Missing Step in Overview of Installation Incorrect Requirement for AIX-Based Systems: Incorrect Software Requirements Kernel Parameters for Linux Kernel Parameter Settings for Tru64
8.1.3 Oracle9i Application Server Security Guide Remove PLsqlEnableConnectionPooling from Configured dads.conf File Updated Information Regarding Oracle9iAS Portal Default User Accounts Updated Information for Default User Password Policy
8.1.4 Oracle9i Application Server: Migrating from Oracle Application Server Default Wallet Path Should Be Corrected Incorrect Patch Information for Migrating Oracle Internet Directory Migration Tool not Available in Oracle9i Application Server
8.1.5 Oracle9i Application Server Migrating from Release 1 ( to Release 2 (9.0.2) Modifications to the "Installation on Separate Computers" Instructions for Oracle9iAS Wireless Additional Post-Upgrade Step for Oracle Internet Directory Migration Word Errors in ÒUsing Oracle9iAS Migration AssistantÓ Chapter Word Errors in ÒMigrating Internet Applications Components" Chapter Word Errors in ÒMigrating Business Intelligence Components" Chapter Word Errors in ÒMigrating Management Components" Chapter Correction to Instructions for Migrating User Classes
8.1.6 Oracle9i Application Server Performance Guide Screen Shot Must be Updated
8.1.7 Oracle9i Application Server Release Notes Configuring Oracle9iAS Clickstream Intelligence After Installing Oracle9iAS Using Oracle Universal Installer "Page Not Displayed" Error for Clickstream Runtime Administrator Oracle Enterprise Manager Does Not Support Multiple Locales Enabling Oracle9iAS Web Cache and mod_osso Deploying UIX JSP and XML Applications Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Multiple Infrastructure-Based Deployment Updated Information for "Problems Logging In When Two Oracle HTTP Servers Are on the Same Host" Issue
8.2 Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE Documentation
8.2.1 Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE User's Guide, Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE Support for JavaServer Pages Reference, and Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE JSP Tag Libraries and Utilities Reference Incorrect File Locations for xmlparserv2.jar, xsu12.jar, and JSP Tag Library Descriptor Files
8.2.2 Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE Services Guide References to "Merant Drivers" Should Be Changed to "DataDirect Connect Drivers" Deployconnector Switch Not Supported Incorrect Name for HTTP Client Incorrect Definition for DCM
8.2.3 Oracle JDBC Release Notes Knows Issues with JDBC Drivers
8.2.4 Oracle JAZN Release Notes Release Notes Name Should Be Changed to "Release Notes for JAAS" Updated Information for the Default jazn.xml File Location Default Realm Should Be Specified If User Repository Has Multiple Realms
8.2.5 Oracle9i Application Server mod_plsql User's Guide
8.3 Oracle HTTP Server Documentation
8.3.1 Oracle HTTP Server Administration Guide Incorrect Information in the "Configuring the IIS Listener for Single Sign-On" Section LoginServerFile Example Gives Incorrect Syntax
8.4 Oracle9iAS InterConnect Documentation
8.4.1 Oracle9iAS InterConnect User's Guide Adapter Architecture Figure Should Be Modified to Include "First Name" Wrong Term in Description
8.5 Oracle9iAS Discoverer Documentation
8.5.1 Oracle9iAS Discoverer Configuration Guide Oracle Enterprise Manager Cannot be Used to Specify Communication Protocol Used by Discoverer Plus Applet and Discoverer Servlet
8.6 Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Documentation
8.6.1 Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Administrator's Guide Incorrect Information About Enabling Single Sign-On for SSL
8.6.2 Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Release Notes Error in Release Notes for Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On
8.7 Oracle9iAS Wireless Documentation
8.7.1 Oracle9iAS Wireless Developer's Guide Calendar and Tasks Modules Configuration for Lotus SDK Information About SHORTLIST Parameter
8.8 Oracle Ultra Search Documentation
8.8.1 Oracle Ultra Search Release Notes Updated Information for Oracle Ultra Search Release Notes
8.8.2 Oracle Ultra Search Online Documentation Incorrect Jar File Name for Sample Crawler Agent
8.9 Oracle XML Developer Kit Documentation
8.9.1 Oracle XML Developer Kit Application Developer's Guide Supported Operating Systems for XML Schema Processor for C and C++ Library Names