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Oracle Calendar Server Administrator's Guide
Release 5.5

Part Number B10093-01
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Setting Up Nodes

A node is a database containing agendas and information for users and resources. A node network is a set of two or more connected nodes. More than one node can exist on a single calendar host. This situation is commonly encountered when a group of users requires a different time zone, or when there is a logical division that the administrator wants to maintain within a group of users in the same time zone.

This chapter will cover the following topics:

Creating a node

Each node is identified by a unique numeric key called the node-ID. Most administrators set one or more descriptive node aliases that may also be used when connecting, to make it easier to tell nodes apart. A SYSOP (node administrator) password restricts access to the calendar account used for all node management tasks. Each node has a default time zone.

To create a node:

  1. Use the unistop utility introduced in Chapter 6, "Server Administration", to bring down the calendar server. For full information on use and syntax, see the calendar server Reference Manual, Appendix C, "Utilities." Please note that the server must be down in order to create a node successfully.
  2. Run the uniaddnode utility. For full information on use and syntax, see the calendar server Reference Manual, Appendix C, "Utilities."

To create a node with a node-ID of 144 and alias "Publications":

% uniaddnode -n 144 -a publications 
Please enter Sysop password:
Please enter Sysop password again:
unidsndini: working, please wait ...
uniaddnode: unidsndini done
uniaddnode: Database initialization done

An entry similar to the following would now exist in the /users/unison/misc/unison.ini file. Note that the name and version fields are for internal use and are automatically generated during node creation. The values in these fields must not be modified.

aliases = publications
name = N2
version = A.02.61
timezone = EST5EDT