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Oracle Outlook Connector User's Guide
Release 3.4

Part Number B10096-01
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Intended Audience
Documentation Accessibility

1 Getting Started

What is Oracle Outlook Connector?
What's new in this release?
Ways to get assistance while you work
Setting up Oracle Outlook Connector

2 Calendar features

Real-time scheduling
Attendee availability
Attendee status
Wireless preferences
E-mail notification
iCalendar notification
Responding to multiple meeting requests
Choosing a name format

3 Mail

Subscribing and unsubscribing from IMAP folders
Purging deleted messages
Retrying mail delivery
Viewing message source

4 Sharing information

Delegate access and permissions

5 Working Offline

Offline synchronization and capabilities
Switching states
Starting up and shutting down
Starting Outlook
Shutting down
Automatic synchronization
Downloading the calendar server Address Book
Updating the calendar user and resource lists
Protecting your offline storage file

6 PDA synchronization

Pocket Mirror and Pocket Journal

7 Coexisting with other Oracle Calendar clients

Entry mapping
Importance level mapping
Sensitivity / Access level mapping
Deleted Items

8 Configuration

Creating a new profile with Oracle Outlook Connector
Connecting to the calendar server
Connecting to the IMAP mail server
Connecting to the SMTP mail server
Using POP instead of IMAP
Making Oracle Outlook Connector your default service provider
Setting the server refresh interval
Configuring Add-ins
Configuring offline support
Selecting folders for automatic refresh
Setting a time range for other users' Calendar folders
The calendar server user and resource lists
Displaying an icon for unavailable servers
Slow network connections

9 Maintenance

Resetting folder contents
Compacting offline folders
Installing the Oracle Calendar Appointment Form

10 Why Can't I...

Where did my Contact's attachment go?
Why can't I AutoPreview my messages?
Why can't I see Category headers?
Why doesn't my contact's Journal tab work?
Why can't I customize my current view?
Why can't I detect and repair a folder?
Why can't I use Mail Merge?
Why can't I set reminders on my messages?
Why can't I change a meeting into an all day event?
Why can't I recall a message?
Why can't I create a new folder?
Why can't I view attendee availability and response?
Why can't I attach an OLE object?
Why can't I receive delivery receipts?
Why can't I recover deleted items?
Why can't I send a link to this folder?
Why can't I set Send Options for new messages?