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Oracle9i Net Services Administrator's Guide
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96580-02
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List of Figures

1-1 Typical E-Commerce Architecture
1-2 Client/Server Application Connection
1-3 Java Application Connection
1-4 Web Client Connections through Application Web Server
1-5 Web Client Connections Through Java Application Web Server
1-6 Web Client Connection Scenarios
1-7 Service Information Repository
1-8 Centralized Storage of Network Configuration with a Directory Server
1-9 Dedicated Server Architecture
1-10 Shared Server Architecture
1-11 Connection Pooling
1-12 Session Multiplexing
1-13 Intranet Network Access Control with Oracle Connection Manager
1-14 Internet Network Access Control with an Application Gateway
1-15 Encryption
1-16 User Authentication
1-17 Centralized Storage of Security Configuration with a Directory Server
1-18 Oracle Net on the Client
1-19 Oracle Net on the Server
1-20 Listener in a Connection Request
2-1 One Service Per Database
2-2 Multiple Services Associated with One Database
2-3 One Instance Per Database
2-4 Multiple Instances Associated with a Database
2-5 Direct Hand-Off to a Dispatcher
2-6 Redirected Connection to a Dispatcher
2-7 Connection to a Dedicated Server Process
2-8 Redirected Connection to a Dedicated Server Process
3-1 Client Using a Directory Server to Resolve a Connect Identifier
3-2 Database Service and Net Service Name in a Directory Server
3-3 Net Service Alias db1alias in a Directory Server
3-4 Net Service Alias db1 in a Directory Server
3-5 Domain Component DIT
3-6 X.500 Style DIT
3-7 Creating Entries in the Directory Server with Applications
3-8 Relative Naming
3-9 Oracle Names
3-10 Single Domain Naming Model
3-11 Hierarchical Naming Model
3-12 Delegated Administrative Regions
4-1 Layers Used in a Client/Server Application Connection
4-2 OSI Communication Layers
4-3 Layers Used for Java-Client Applications
4-4 Layers Used in Web Client Connections
4-5 Layers Used in an Initial Connection
4-6 Service Registration
4-7 Listener Architecture
4-8 Shared Server Architecture
4-9 Dedicated Server Architecture
4-10 Oracle Connection Manager Architecture
4-11 Scalable Architectural Solutions
5-1 Oracle Net Manager Interface
5-2 Service Attributes Property Sheet
5-3 Opening Page of the Net Service Name Wizard
5-4 Opening Page of the Directory Server Migration Wizard
5-5 Welcome Page of the Names Wizard
5-6 Opening Page of the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
7-1 Internal Network Layout
7-2 Internet Network Layout
10-1 in Directory Server
10-2 Oracle Context
10-3 in Directory Server
10-4 Oracle Context
10-5 Single Domain Export to the Same DIT Node
10-6 Root and Subdomain Domain Export to Similar DIT
10-7 Single Domain Export to One DIT Node
10-8 Root and Subdomain Domain Export to Dissimilar DIT
10-9 Root and Subdomain Domain Export to One DIT Node
10-10 Multiple Domain Export to Two Subtrees
10-11 Unsupported Alias Export
12-1 Example listener.ora File
12-2 listener.ora File with Queue Size
12-3 Listener Control Utility's STATUS Command Output
12-4 Listener Control Utility's SERVICES Command Output
13-1 Example cman.ora File
13-2 tnsnames.ora File with and without Oracle Connection Manager
13-3 tnsnames.ora File Configured for Protocol Conversion Support
15-1 Load Balancing Environment for a Shared Server Configuration
15-2 Load Balancing Example for a Shared Server Configuration
15-3 Load Balancing Environment for a Dedicated Server Configuration
15-4 Load Balancing Example for a Dedicated Server Configuration
15-5 listener.ora File with Default External Procedure Setup
15-6 tnsnames.ora File with Default External Procedure Setup
16-1 Absolute Name for X.500 Namespaces
16-2 Absolute Name for Domain Component Namespaces
17-1 Error Stack Components Mapped to Oracle Net
17-2 sqlnet.log File
17-3 cman_pid.log
17-4 cmadm_pid.log
17-5 Packet Information
17-6 Trace Example
17-7 Trace File with Error
17-8 trcasst -e1 Output
17-9 trcasst -oc Output
17-10 trcasst -od Output
17-11 trcasst -ou Output
17-12 trcasst -ouq Output
17-13 trcasst -ot Output
17-14 trcasst -la Output
17-15 trcasst -li Output
17-16 trcasst -s Output