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Oracle9i Net Services Administrator's Guide
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96580-02
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List of Tables

3-1  Oracle Net Configuration Models
3-2  Oracle Net Configuration Files
3-3  LDAP Directory Authentication Methods
3-4  LDAP Directory User Groups
3-5  Oracle Net Services LDAP Main Object Classes
3-6  Oracle Net Services LDAP Derived Object Classes
3-7  Data Stored in an Oracle Names Server
3-8  Well-Known Oracle Names Servers
4-1  Oracle Connection Manager Processes
5-1  Oracle Net Manager Navigator Pane Folders
5-2  File Menu Contents
5-3  Edit Menu Contents
5-4  Command Menu Contents
5-5  Help Menu Contents
5-6  Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
5-7  Common Tasks for Configuring and Administering Oracle Net Services
7-1  Connection Pooling and Session Multiplexing
7-2  Naming Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages
7-3  SDU Considerations
7-4  Oracle Net Feature Summary
8-1  Directory Usage Configuration Page in Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
8-2  ldapmodify Arguments
9-1  Naming Methods
9-2  Net Service Name/Database Service Box Fields
9-3  Oracle Names Checkpoint Files
9-4  Client Settings In sqlnet.ora for Oracle Names
10-1  Oracle Names Control Utility Structural Commands
10-2  Subparameters of the NAMES.ADMIN_REGION Parameter for LDAP
10-3  Subparameters of the NAMES.ADMIN_REGION Parameter for LDIF
11-1  Naming Method Values
11-2  Routing Settings in sqlnet.ora
11-3  Access Control Settings in sqlnet.ora
11-4  Advanced Settings in sqlnet.ora
11-5  External Naming Methods Settings in sqlnet.ora
12-1  Static Service Settings in listener.ora
12-2  Listener Control Utility STATUS Command
12-3  Listener Control Utility SERVICES Command
13-1  Session Multiplexing Parameters
13-2  Per-Rule Parameters
14-1  Required Attributes of the DISPATCHERS Parameter
14-2  Optional Attributes of the DISPATCHERS Parameter
15-1  Address List Parameters
15-2  Address List Configuration for Naming Method Types
15-3  Address List Options Dialog Box
15-4  Advanced Connect Data Settings
15-5  Connect Data Configuration for Naming Method Types
15-6  Subparameters of the FAILOVER_MODE Parameter
15-7  External Procedures Settings in listener.ora
15-8  Heterogeneous Services Settings in listener.ora
15-9  Oracle RDB Database Settings in a Connect Descriptor
15-10  Connect-Timeout Parameters
17-1  ldapwrite Arguments
17-2  Error Stack Components
17-3  Log Files
17-4  Location of Log Parameters
17-5  sqlnet.ora Log Parameters
17-6  listener.ora Log Parameters
17-7  names.ora Log Parameters
17-8  cman.ora Log Parameters
17-9  Service Registration Event Log Information
17-10  cman_pid.log Log Level 1 Event Codes
17-11  cman_pid.log Log Level 2 Event Codes
17-12  cman_pid.log Log Level 3 Event Codes
17-13  cman_pid.log Log Level 4 Event Codes
17-14  Trace Files
17-15  Location of Trace Parameters
17-16  sqlnet.ora Trace Parameters
17-17  TNSPING Trace Parameters
17-18  Oracle Names Control Utility Trace Parameters
17-19  listener.ora Trace Parameters
17-20  names.ora Trace Parameters
17-21  cman.ora Trace Parameters
17-22  Trace Assistant Syntax