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Oracle9i OLAP User's Guide
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Part Number A95295-02
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The AW_CUBE_CREATE_ACCESS procedure creates a script that you can run to generate fact views of AW cubes.

The views contain calls to the OLAP_TABLE function. OLAP_TABLE, described in Chapter 12, uses object technology to present the contents of the workspace in table format

The script created by AW_CUBE_CREATE_ACCESS generates a fully solved fact view for every dimension/hierarchy of the cube. Each view has a column for each of the cube's measures. It also contains a grouping ID column and an ET key column for each dimension to link the fact view with the associated dimension views.

See Also:

"Procedure: Create SQL Access to the Analytic Workspace" and Table 9-4, "Fact View Columns".


          cube_owner          IN   VARCHAR2,
          cube_name           IN   VARCHAR2,
          aw_owner            IN   VARCHAR2,
          aw_name             IN   VARCHAR2,
          prefix              IN   VARCHAR2,
          access_type         IN   VARCHAR2,
          script_directory    IN   VARCHAR2,
          script_name         IN   VARCHAR2);


Table 16-15  AW_CUBE_CREATE_ACCESS Procedure Parameters
Parameter Description


Owner of the OLAP Catalog cube.


Name of the OLAP Catalog cube.


Owner of the analytic workspace.


Name of the analytic workspace.


Prefix to be applied to the name of the ADT, the name of the table of ADTs, and the name of the view. See Usage Notes.


How the view will be accessed. Examples are straight SQL, OLAP API, and Discoverer. This argument is not currently used.


The directory that will contain the script.


The script that will generate the views.

Usage Notes

The script creates an ADT (abstract data type) that encapsulates multidimensional data in the analytic workspace, a table of the ADTs, and a view of the table. The ADT, table, and view are named according to specific rules.

The ADT name is the concatenation of the user-supplied prefix, the first five characters of the cube owner, the first five characters of the cube name, and the suffix OBJ. The following name identifies an ADT for the Sales cube owned by SH, with a prefix of mydim.


The table of ADT name is like the name of the ADT, but with the suffix TBL. For example,


The view name is similarly constructed, but it contains an additional sequence number that uniquely identifies the view. The following name identifies the first view of the Sales cube owned by SH, with a prefix of mydim.