Oracle Workflow Guide
Release 2.6.2

Part Number A95265-03
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The Navigator Tree Structure

The Navigator window displays a navigator tree hierarchy for each data store that you open or load into Oracle Workflow Builder. A data store (primary branch) is a database connection or flat file that holds your workflow process definition. Within each data store there is at least one item type heading (secondary branch) that represents the grouping of a particular set of processes and its component objects. The following six tertiary branches appear beneath each item type branch:

Note: Each data store also contains a Directory Service branch. The Directory Service branch lists all the directory service roles that you load from your Oracle Workflow database. See: Roles.

If the data store is a database connection and the database contains other item types that you have not loaded into Oracle Workflow Builder, a branch called Hidden Item Types appears. When you double-click on Hidden Item Types, you get a Show Item Types window that lets you load other item types into Oracle Workflow Builder.

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