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Table of Contents Image Oracle Forms Developer and OracleAS Forms Services Migrating Forms Applications from Forms 6i
10g (9.0.4)

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1 Why Migrate?

Forms 6i Features Removed from Oracle Forms
Components Removed from the Developer Product Suite
How are Obsolete Item Types Handled when Migrating Forms 6i Applications?
Are Tools Available to Assist with the Migration of Obsolete Features?

2 Using the Oracle Forms Migration Assistant

What Does the Oracle Forms Migration Assistant Do?
Mutiple Log Support
Editing the File
Editing the File
Adding Search-and-Replace Strings
Modifying Warnings for Obsolete Built-Ins
Starting the Oracle Forms Migration Assistant
About the Migration Assistant in Batch Mode
Starting the Migration Assistant in Batch Mode
Running the Wizard Version of the Forms Migration Assistant
Starting the Wizard Version of the Forms Migration Assistant
Setting Advanced Converter Options

3 Converting Forms 6i FMTs to Oracle Forms FMBs

Converting a Forms 6i FMT to an Oracle Forms FMB

4 Built-ins, Packages, Constants, and Syntax

Obsolete Menu Built-ins
Other Obsolete Built-ins
Obsolete Built-in Packages
Obsolete Constants
Obsolete Syntax

5 Triggers

Obsolete Triggers
Stricter Enforcement of Triggers

6 Properties

Obsolete Properties

7 Changes to Client-Server Deployment and Forms Runtime

Effect on Forms Development
Obsolete Forms Runtime Command Line Options
Obsolete Character Mode Runtime

8 Logical and GUI Attributes

Use Visual Attributes to Replace Logical and GUI Attributes
Obsolete Logical and GUI Attributes

9 Item Types

Item Types Specific to Operating Systems

10 List of Values (LOVs)

Obsolete List of Values (LOVs)

11 User Exits

Obsolete V2 User Exits

12 Menu Parameters

Predefined Menu Parameters
User-Defined Menu Parameters

13 Java-Related Issues

Using oracle.ewt Classes in Pluggable Java Components
JDK Versions and Font-Rendering Issues

14 Integrating Reports and Graphics

Oracle Graphics6i
Displaying Existing Charts in Oracle Forms
Editing Existing Chart Items
About Integration with Oracle Reports
Displaying Reports in Oracle Forms
Notes About the Example
Using Parameter Lists in RUN_REPORT_OBJECT
Migration Steps

15 Migrating Client-Server Applications to the Web

Client-Server-Based Architecture
Web-Based Architecture
Who Should Read this Chapter?
Guidelines for Migration

16 Upgrading from Pre-Forms 6i Applications to Oracle Forms

About Upgrading Forms
Upgrading a Form
PL/SQL 9 Support
Compatibility with Earlier Versions of PL/SQL
Forms Developer Runtime Behavior


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