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Oracle Forms Developer and OracleAS Forms Services Migrating Forms Applications from Forms 6i
10g (9.0.4)

Part Number B10469-01
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In order to streamline the tools available and simplify the development process for building Forms applications for the Web, properties that are not applicable to Web deployment have been removed.

Obsolete Properties

Many properties, including those associated with character mode and menus, have been removed. When you open a form that contains these properties, the properties are ignored and do not appear in Forms Developer. Except as noted, code that attempts to use these properties at runtime will fail. Refer to Table 6-1, "Obsolete Properties" for more information.

Table 6-1 Obsolete Properties
Obsolete Property Applies to Migration Notes

Character Mode Logical Attribute

items, canvases, etc.

Command Type

menu items

Note: This property is partially obsolete. The only valid values are Null, PL/SQL, and Menu.

If your menu module uses Plus, Form, or Macro, which are no longer valid values, the values are replaced by the following PL/SQL code in the Command Text property:

Plus: /* HOST('plus80 <old_code>'); */ null;

Form: /* CALL_FORM(<old_code>); */ null;

Macro: /* MACRO: <old_code> ; */ null;

where <old_code> is the value of the Command Text property before migration. The replacement PL/SQL code is commented out so that you can replace the original code with new PL/SQL code.

Data Block Description


Fixed Length


Use a format mask with the relevant number of placeholders to limit or control the length of data entered for an item.

Help Description

menu items

Listed in Data Block Menu


List Type


Because all LOVs are now based on record groups, this property is obsolete.

Menu Source


A value of Database is no longer valid.

File is the only valid value for this property, which indicates that at runtime, Forms will use the normal search path to locate the MMX file.

Runtime Compatibility Mode


Ignored at runtime. 5.0 behavior is always used. (See the Forms Developer online help for a description of runtime behavior.)

To allow WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM to run for NULL items, specify 4.5 for the DEFER_REQUIRED_ENFORCEMENT property.

(If your Forms application used "4.5" as the Runtime Compatibility Mode property setting, the Oracle Forms Migration Assistant will automatically set the Defer Required Enforcement property to "4.5".)

Trigger Style


All triggers are now PL/SQL triggers.

White on Black

items, canvases, etc.

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