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Oracle® interMedia Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10829-01
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10 ORDSource

Oracle interMedia ("interMedia") contains the following information about the ORDSource object type:

This object is used only by other Oracle interMedia objects. The information in this chapter is included for reference only. Oracle Corporation does not recommend that you use this type.

Methods invoked at the ORDSource level that are handed off to the source plug-in for processing have ctx (RAW) as the first argument. Before calling any of these methods for the first time, the client should allocate the ctx structure, initialize it to NULL, and invoke the open( ) method. At this point, the source plug-in can initialize context for this client. When processing is complete, the client should invoke the close( ) method.

Methods invoked from a source plug-in call have the first argument as obj (ORDSource) and the second argument as ctx (RAW).


In the current release, none of the plug-ins provided by Oracle and not all source or format plug-ins will use the ctx argument, but if you code as previously described, your application should work with current or future source or format plug-ins.

The ORDSource object does not attempt to maintain consistency, for example, with local and upDateTime attributes. It is up to you to maintain consistency. ORDAudio, ORDDoc, ORDImage, and ORDVideo objects all maintain consistency of their included ORDSource object.