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Oracle® interMedia Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10829-01
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1 Introduction to Oracle interMedia

1.1 Multimedia Object Types and Methods
1.2 Multimedia Storage

2 Ensuring Compatibility with Evolving interMedia Object Types

2.1 When and How to Call the Compatibility Initialization Function
compatibilityInit( )

3 Common Methods for interMedia Object Types

3.1 Embedded ORDSource Object
3.2 Important Notes
3.3 Methods
clearLocal( )
closeSource( )
deleteContent( )
export( )
getBFile( )
getContent( )
getMimeType( )
getSource( )
getSourceLocation( )
getSourceName( )
getSourceType( )
getUpdateTime( )
isLocal( )
openSource( )
processSourceCommand( )
readFromSource( )
setLocal( )
setMimeType( )
setSource( )
setUpdateTime( )
trimSource( )
writeToSource( )

4 ORDAudio

ORDAudio Object Type
ORDAudio Constructors
init( ) for ORDAudio
init(srcType,srcLocation,srcName) for ORDAudio
ORDAudio Methods
checkProperties( )
getAllAttributes( )
getAttribute( )
getAudioDuration( )
getCompressionType( )
getContentLength( )
getContentInLob( )
getDescription( )
getEncoding( )
getFormat( )
getNumberOfChannels( )
getSampleSize( )
getSamplingRate( )
import( )
importFrom( )
processAudioCommand( )
setAudioDuration( )
setCompressionType( )
setDescription( )
setEncoding( )
setFormat( )
setKnownAttributes( )
setNumberOfChannels( )
setProperties( )
setSamplingRate( )
setSampleSize( )

5 ORDDoc

ORDDoc Object Type
ORDDoc Constructors
init( ) for ORDDoc
init(srcType,srcLocation,srcName) for ORDDoc
ORDDoc Methods
getContentInLob( )
getContentLength( )
getFormat( )
import( )
importFrom( )
setFormat( )
setProperties( )

6 ORDImage and ORDImageSignature

ORDImage Object Type
ORDImage Constructors
init( ) for ORDImage
init(srcType,srcLocation,srcName) for ORDImage
ORDImage Methods
checkProperties( )
copy( )
getCompressionFormat( )
getContentFormat( )
getContentLength( )
getFileFormat( )
getHeight( )
getWidth( )
import( )
importFrom( )
process( )
processCopy( )
setProperties( )
setProperties( ) for foreign images
ORDImageSignature Object Type
ORDImageSignature Constructor
init( ) for ORDImageSignature
ORDImageSignature Methods
evaluateScore( )
generateSignature( )
isSimilar( )
ORDImageSignature Operators
IMGSimilar( )
IMGScore( )

7 SQL/MM Still Image

SQL Functions and Procedures
Example Media Table and User Definition
SI_AverageColor Object Type
SI_AverageColor Constructors
SI_AverageColor Method
SI_Score( ) for SI_AverageColor
SI_Color Object Type
SI_Color Constructor
SI_Color Method
SI_RGBColor( )
SI_ColorHistogram Object Type
SI_ColorHistogram Constructors
SI_ColorHistogram(colors, frequencies)
SI_ColorHistogram(firstColor, frequency)
SI_ColorHistogram Methods
SI_Append( )
SI_Score( ) for SI_ColorHistogram
SI_FeatureList Object Type
SI_FeatureList Constructor
SI_FeatureList( )
SI_FeatureList Methods
SI_AvgClrFtr( )
SI_AvgClrFtrWght( )
SI_ClrHstgrFtr( )
SI_ClrHstgrFtrWght( )
SI_PstnlClrFtr( )
SI_PstnlClrFtrWght( )
SI_Score( ) for SI_FeatureList
SI_SetFeature(averageColorFeature, averageColorFeatureWeight)
SI_SetFeature(colorHistogramFeature, colorHistogramFeatureWeight)
SI_SetFeature(positionalColorFeature, positionalColorFeatureWeight)
SI_SetFeature(textureFeature, textureFeatureWeight)
SI_TextureFtr( )
SI_TextureFtrWght( )
SI_PositionalColor Object Type
SI_PositionalColor Constructor
SI_PositionalColor( )
SI_PositionalColor Method
SI_Score( ) for SI_PositionalColor
SI_StillImage Object Type
SI_StillImage Constructors
SI_StillImage(content, explicitFormat)
SI_StillImage(content, explicitFormat, height, width)
SI_StillImage Methods
SI_ClearFeatures( )
SI_InitFeatures( )
SI_ChangeFormat( )
SI_Content( )
SI_ContentLength( )
SI_Format( )
SI_Height( )
SI_RetainFeatures( )
SI_SetContent( )
SI_Thumbnail( )
SI_Width( )
SI_Texture Object Type
SI_Texture Constructor
SI_Texture( )
SI_Texture Method
SI_Score( ) for SI_Texture
Internal Helper Types

8 ORDVideo

ORDVideo Object Type
ORDVideo Constructors
init( ) for ORDVideo
init(srcType,srcLocation,srcName) for ORDVideo
ORDVideo Methods
checkProperties( )
getAllAttributes( )
getAttribute( )
getBitRate( )
getCompressionType( )
getContentInLob( )
getContentLength( )
getDescription( )
getFormat( )
getFrameRate( )
getFrameResolution( )
getFrameSize( )
getNumberOfColors( )
getNumberOfFrames( )
getVideoDuration( )
import( )
importFrom( )
processVideoCommand( )
setBitRate( )
setCompressionType( )
setDescription( )
setFormat( )
setFrameRate( )
setFrameResolution( )
setFrameSize( )
setKnownAttributes( )
setNumberOfColors( )
setNumberOfFrames( )
setProperties( )
setVideoDuration( )

9 interMedia Relational Interface Reference

Static Methods for the Relational Interface
Static Methods Common to All Object Types
export( )
importFrom( )
importFrom( ) (all attributes)
Static Methods Unique to the ORDAudio Object Type Relational Interface
getProperties( ) for BLOBs
getProperties( ) (all attributes) for BLOBs
getProperties( ) for BFILEs
getProperties( ) (all attributes) for BFILEs
Static Methods Unique to the ORDDoc Object Type Relational Interface
getProperties( ) for BLOBs
getProperties( ) (all attributes) for BLOBs
getProperties( ) for BFILEs
getProperties( ) (all attributes) for BFILEs
Static Methods Unique to the ORDImage Object Type Relational Interface
getProperties( ) for BLOBs
getProperties( ) (all attributes) for BLOBs
getProperties( ) for BFILEs
getProperties( ) (all attributes) for BFILEs
process( )
processCopy( ) for BLOBs
processCopy( ) for BFILEs
Static Methods Unique to the ORDVideo Object Type Relational Interface
getProperties( ) for BLOBs
getProperties( ) (all attributes) for BLOBs
getProperties( ) for BFILEs
getProperties( ) (all attributes) for BFILEs

10 ORDSource

ORDSource Object Type
ORDSource Methods
clearLocal( )
close( )
deleteLocalContent( )
export( )
getBFile( )
getContentInTempLob( )
getContentLength( )
getLocalContent( )
getSourceAddress( )
getSourceInformation( )
getSourceLocation( )
getSourceName( )
getSourceType( )
getUpdateTime( )
import( )
importFrom( )
isLocal( )
open( )
processCommand( )
read( )
setLocal( )
setSourceInformation( )
setUpdateTime( )
trim( )
write( )

A Audio File and Compression Formats

A.1 Supported AIFF Data Formats
A.2 Supported AIFF-C Data Formats
A.3 Supported AU Data Formats
A.4 Supported Audio MPEG Data Formats
A.4.1 Supported MPEG1 and MPEG2 Data Formats
A.4.2 Supported MPEG4 Data Formats
A.5 Supported RealNetworks Real Audio Data Format
A.6 Supported WAV Data Formats

B Image File and Compression Formats

B.1 Image File Formats
B.2 Image Compression Formats
B.3 Summary of Image File Format and Image Compression Format

C Video File and Compression Formats

C.1 Apple QuickTime 3.0 Data Formats
C.2 Microsoft Video for Windows (AVI) Data Formats
C.3 RealNetworks Real Video Data Format
C.4 Supported Video MPEG Data Formats
C.4.1 Supported MPEG1 and MPEG2 Data Formats
C.4.2 Supported MPEG4 Data Formats

D Image process( ) and processCopy( ) Operators

D.1 Common Concepts
D.1.1 Source and Destination Images
D.1.2 process( ) and processCopy( )
D.1.3 Operator and Value
D.1.4 Combining Operators
D.2 Image Formatting Operators
D.2.1 fileFormat
D.2.2 contentFormat
D.2.3 compressionFormat
D.2.4 compressionQuality
D.3 Image Processing Operators
D.3.1 contrast
D.3.2 cut
D.3.3 flip
D.3.4 gamma
D.3.5 mirror
D.3.6 page
D.3.7 quantize
D.3.8 rotate
D.3.9 Scaling Operators
D.3.9.1 fixedScale
D.3.9.2 maxScale
D.3.9.3 scale
D.3.9.4 xScale
D.3.9.5 yScale
D.3.10 tiled
D.4 Format-Specific Operators
D.4.1 channelOrder
D.4.2 pixelOrder
D.4.3 scanlineOrder
D.4.4 inputChannels

E Image Raw Pixel Format

E.1 Raw Pixel Introduction
E.2 Raw Pixel Image Structure
E.3 Raw Pixel Header Field Descriptions
E.4 Raw Pixel Post-Header Gap
E.5 Raw Pixel Data Section and Pixel Data Format
E.5.1 Scanline Ordering
E.5.2 Pixel Ordering
E.5.3 Band Interleaving
E.5.4 N-Band Data
E.6 Raw Pixel Header - C Language Structure
E.7 Raw Pixel Header - C Language Constants
E.8 Raw Pixel PL/SQL Constants
E.9 Raw Pixel Images Using CCITT Compression
E.10 Foreign Image Support and the Raw Pixel Format

F Exceptions and Error Messages

F.1 ORDAudioExceptions Exceptions
F.2 ORDDocExceptions Exceptions
F.3 ORDImageExceptions Exceptions
F.4 ORDVideoExceptions Exceptions
F.5 ORDSourceExceptions Exceptions
F.6 ORDImageSIExceptions Exceptions

G Deprecated Audio and Video Methods