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Oracle® interMedia Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10829-01
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SQL Functions and Procedures

For each Still Image constructor or method, there is an equivalent SQL function or procedure. Each function or procedure is presented with its equivalent constructor or method. Although the description, parameters, usage notes, and exceptions subsections frequently refer to the method, these subsections are also applicable to the equivalent SQL function or procedure.

All SQL functions and procedures are created as standalone functions in the ORDSYS schema with invoker rights. A public synonym with the corresponding function or procedure name is created for all SQL functions and procedures. Therefore, you do not need to specify the schema name when a function or procedure is called. For example:Use ORDSYS.SI_MkAvgClr(averageColor) to make the call without the synonym.Use SI_MkAvgClr(averageColor) to make the call with the synonym.All database users can call these functions and procedures.