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Oracle Workflow API Reference
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10286-02
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Overview of the Oracle Workflow Notification System

Oracle Workflow communicates with users by sending notifications. Notifications contain messages that may request users to take some type of action and/or provide users with information. You define the notification activity and the notification message that the notification activity sends in the Workflow Builder. The messages may have optional attributes that can specify additional resources and request responses.

Users can query their notifications online using the Notifications web page in an HTML browser. A user can also receive notifications in their e-mail applications. E-mail notifications can contain HTML content or include other documents as optional attachments. The Notification System delivers the messages and processes the incoming responses.

Notification Model

A notification activity in a workflow process consists of a design-time message and a list of message attributes. In addition, there may be a number of runtime named values called item type attributes from which the message attributes draw their values.

The Workflow Engine moves through the workflow process, evaluating each activity in turn. Once it encounters a notification activity, the engine makes a call to the Notification System Send( ) or SendGroup( ) API to send the notification.

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