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Oracle® Web Conferencing Administrator's Guide
Release 2 (

Part Number B10877-03
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The "demilitarized zone" is a subnetwork located between a company's corporate intranet and the Internet.

Document Conversion Server

Document Conversion Server enables the Web Conferencing Application to automatically convert documents for the Document Presentation mode.

Oracle Web Conferencing Application

The set of components used to administer the Web Conferencing system. It consists of the application Web pages, Web listener, and the Document Conversion Server.

Oracle Web Conferencing Console

The console where real-time conferences take place.

Load Balancer

A very fast network device which can distribute Web requests to a large number of physical servers. The purpose of a load balancer (LBR) is to provide a single published address to the client browsers, and, in the case of Real-Time Collaboration, provide multiple Real-Time Collaboration Core Components mid-tiers which actually service the requests, based on the distribution of the requests done by the LBR.

Web Conferencing Server

The backend server that manages all of the runtime state associated with a conference. Clients never directly communicate with the Web Conferencing Server. Instead, clients communicate with the HTTP Listener, which uses mod_imeeting to communicate with the appropriate Web Conferencing Server.

Voice Conversion Server

The Voice Conversion Server enables listen-only voice streaming by capturing voice stream from the Dialogic card, encoding it using GSM codec, and streaming it to the Web Conferencing Server for recording or listen-only voice support.