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Oracle® Business Intelligence Discoverer Plus User's Guide
10g Release 2 (
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Part I Getting started

1 Introducing Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer

2 Using Discoverer Plus with a relational data source

3 Using Discoverer Plus with a multidimensional data source

4 Starting Discoverer

5 About the Discoverer Plus Relational work area

6 Using workbooks and worksheets

7 Editing worksheets and worksheet items

8 Creating graphs in Discoverer

Part II Analyzing data

9 Pivoting data

10 Drilling to analyze data

11 Using parameters

12 Using conditional formatting

13 Using conditions

14 Using totals

15 Using percentages

16 Sorting data

17 Using calculations

Part III Sharing results with others

18 Printing worksheets and graphs

19 Exporting data to other applications

20 Sharing workbooks

21 Publishing worksheets in OracleAS Portal

Part IV Advanced Discoverer Plus Relational features

22 Advanced Discoverer Plus Relational Features

Part V Discoverer Plus Relational Reference

23 Dialog reference

A Discoverer calculation examples

B Discoverer support for Oracle Applications