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Oracle® Application Server Performance Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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access logging, 5.4.1
deployment configuration, 6.10.1
failover mode, 6.10.6
performance, 6.10
SQL-only view object, 6.10.4
access control,
performance monitoring, 2.2.1
using, 2.2.1
using with standalone OC4J, 2.2.3
Application Server Control
module metrics,
monitoring OC4J, 4.1
monitoring OHS performance, 3.1
monitoring Oracle Application Server with, 2.1.1
response and load metrics,


batch-size attribute,,,,
built-in performance metrics, 2.1.2


cache hits
increasing rate of, 7.6
cache misses, 7.6
cache size
calculating for Web Cache, 7.2
maximum for Web Cache, 7.2
cacheScheme datasources option, 6.4.3
CacheStatistics metric table type, A.8
CacheSummary metric table type, A.8, A.8
caching rules
priority rankings, 7.7
response time and, 7.7
call-timeout orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.1
capacity, 1.2.6
of origin servers with Web Cache, 7.7
of Web Cache clusters, 7.7
cluster-config element,,
CMP entity beans
from EJB, 6.8.1
command line options, 6.3
for cached documents, 7.7
defined, 1.1.1
limiting, 1.3
concurrent users,
connection limit
on UNIX with Web Cache, 7.4.1
on Windows with Web Cache, 7.4.2
Web Cache, 7.4
connection-retry-interval datasources option, 6.4.7
contention, 1.2.3
defined, 1.1.1
JAZN session cache and,
Web Cache and, 7.6
insufficient, 1.2.2
performance and Web Cache, 7.1


database monitoring, 10
database tuning, 10
stmt-cache-size attribute, 6.4.9
cacheScheme option, 6.4.3
configuring, 6.4
connection-retry-interval option, 6.4.7
ejb aware, 6.4.2
emulated, 6.4.1
inactivity-timeout option, 6.4.5
max-connect-attempts option, 6.4.8
max-connections option, 6.4.3
min-connections option, 6.4.4
non-emulated, 6.4.1
stmt-cache-size option, 6.4.9
wait-timeout option, 6.4.6
DBPortlet metric table type, A.8
DBProvider metric table type, A.8
dedicated.rmicontext property, 6.3.8
delay-updates-until-commit attribute,
delay-updates-until-commit orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2
application, 6.14
OC4J, 6.14
performance, 6.14.1
dequeue-retry-count orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.5
dequeue-retry-interval orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.5
See also httpd.conf directives
distributable element
coding tips, 9.8
conditional instrumentation, 9.5
Event sensors,
getSensorWeight, 9.5
definition of, 9.1.1
using, 9.2
definition of,
dumping to files, 9.6
monitoring metrics, 9.1.2
naming conventions, 9.1.4
nouns, 9.1.3,
naming conventions,
using, 9.2.2
oracle.dms.gate property, 6.3.6
oracle.dms.sensors property, 6.3.6
oracle.jdbc.DMSstatementCachingMetrics property, 6.3.7
oracle.jdbc.DMSStatementMetrics property, 6.3.7
PhaseEvent sensors,
security, 9.4
sensors, 9.1.3
definition of,
destroying, 9.7
resetting, 9.7
State sensors,
using, 9.2.4
terminology, 9.1.3
testing metrics, 9.3.2
validating metrics, 9.3
access control, 2.2.2
address option,,
count option,
dump option,,
format=xml option,
interval option,
list option,,
options, 2.2.2
reset option,
table option,
using, 2.2.2
domain name server, 5.4.2
do-select-before-insert orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2
dynamic include
vs. static include,
DYNAMIC_SCHEME cacheScheme value, 6.4.3


Edge Side Includes (ESI)
memory for, 7.2
response time and, 7.6
ejbdeploy.batch property, 6.3.9
datasources, 6.4.2
lazy-loading attribute,
enable-passivation, 6.5.3
metrics, A.4.5
monitoring, 4.1.2
orion-ejb-jar.xml parameters
call-timeout, 6.8.1
delay-updates-until-commit, 6.8.2
dequeue-retry-count, 6.8.5
dequeue-retry-interval, 6.8.5
do-select-before-insert, 6.8.2
exclusive-write-access, 6.8.2
findByPrimaryKey-lazy-loading, 6.8.2
idletime, 6.8.4
isolation, 6.8.2
lazy-loading, 6.8.2
listener-threads, 6.8.5
locking-mode, 6.8.2, 6.8.3
max-instances, 6.8.1, 6.8.4, 6.8.4
max-instances-threshold, 6.8.4
max-tx-retries, 6.8.1, 6.8.2
memory-threshold, 6.8.4
min-instances, 6.8.1
passivate-count, 6.8.4
pool-cache-timeout, 6.8.2, 6.8.3, 6.8.4
prefetch-size, 6.8.2
resource-check-interval, 6.8.4
timeout, 6.8.4, 6.8.4
transaction-timeout, 6.8.5
update-changed-fields-only, 6.8.2
validity-timeout, 6.8.2
performance on OC4J, 6.8
transaction-config element, 6.5.1
stateful session bean passivation,
enable-passivation, 6.5.3
entity bean,,
directive, 5.4.3
Event sensors,
exclusive-write-access orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2
expiration-setting element,
external resource file
for static text,


ADF, 6.10.6
findByPrimaryKey-lazy-loading orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2
finder method
lazy loading,
FIXED_RETURN_NULL_SCHEME cacheScheme value, 6.4.3
FIXED_WAIT_SCHEME cacheScheme value, 6.4.3
functional demand, 1.2.6


garbage collection
application deployment and, 6.14.2
OC4J applications and, 6.3.1, 6.3.2
Web Cache and, 7.2
cluster-config element,
expiration-setting element,


defined, 1.1.1
parameter, 5.1.2
heap size
setting, 6.3.1
cache, 7.6
directive, 5.4.2
HTTP connections
limiting for standalone OC4J,
HTTP Server
monitoring, 3.1
ErrorLog, 5.4.3
HostNameLookups, 5.4.2
KeepAlive, 3.2.1, 5.3
KeepAliveTimeout, 5.3, 5.3.2
ListenBacklog, 5.3
LogLevel, 5.4.3
MaxClients, 5.3, 5.3.1
MaxKeepAliveRequests, 5.3, 5.3.2
MaxRequestsPerChild, 5.3
MaxSpareServers, 5.3
MinSpareServers, 5.3
StartServers, 5.3
ThreadsPerChild, 5.3.3
Timeout, 5.3
port numbers, 4.2


idletime orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.4
inactivity-timeout datasources option, 6.4.5
include directive use with JSPs,
incoming connections
Web Cache, 7.4
isolation orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2


applications monitoring, 4.1.2
deployment, 6.14
guidelines for performance, 6
identifying data sources, 6.4.2
improving performance, 6
metrics, A.4
JAAS performance, 6.11
Java options
changing for OC4J, 6.3.10
-client, 6.3.2
ejbdeploy.batch, 6.3.9
-server, 6.3.2
-Xms, 6.3.1
-Xmx, 6.3.1
-Xss, 6.3.4
-XX+AggressiveHeap, 6.3.3
-XXMaxPermSize, 6.3.5
and ejbdeploy.batch, 6.3.9
with OC4J, 6.3.1
java.naming.factory.initial property,
java.naming.provider.url property, property, property, property, 6.11.3
javax.sql.DataSource, 6.4
JAZN performance, 6.11
jazn.xml configuration file, 6.11.3
metrics, 6.3.7, A.3
oracle.jdbc.DMSStatementCachingMetrics property, 6.3.7
oracle.jdbc.DMSStatementMetrics property, 6.3.7
prefetch-size parameter, 6.4.10
statement cache size attribute, 6.4.9
stmt-cache-size, 6.4.9
tags_reuse_default parameter,
dynamic include,
include directives,
justrun main_mode parameter,
metrics, A.4.4
monitoring, 4.1.2
page buffer,
page sessions,
performance, 6.7
recompile main_mode parameter,
reload main_mode parameter,
runtime include,
static include,
tags_reuse_default parameter,
translate-time includes,
justrun main_mode parameter,
command line options, 6.3
metrics, A.2
setting heap size, 6.3.1
JVM metrics
Properties metrics, A.2.1
JVM system properties metrics, A.2.1


KeepAlive httpd.conf directive, 3.2.1, 5.3, 5.3.2, 5.3.2
Web Cache and, 7.5
Keep-Alive timeout
Web Cache setting, 7.5
KeepAliveTimeout httpd.conf directive, 5.3, 5.3.2
Web Cache and, 7.5


defined, 1.1.1
lazy-loading attribute,
lazy-loading orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2
ListenBacklog httpd.conf directive, 5.3
listener-threads orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.5
load variances, 1.4
load-on-startup web.xml parameter,
locking-mode orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2, 6.8.3
locking-mode values
optimistic, 6.8.2
pessimistic, 6.8.2
read-only, 6.8.2
access, 5.4.1
error, 5.4.3
performance and, 5.4.1
performance implications of, 5.4
LogLevel directive, 5.4.3
logresolve utility, 5.4.2


main_mode parameter,
MaxClients httpd.conf directive, 5.3, 5.3.1
Web Cache and, 7.5, 7.7
max-connect-attempts datasources option, 6.4.8
max-connections datasources option, 6.4.3
max-connections-queue-timeout attribute,
max-http-connections element,
maximum cache size
configuring for Web Cache, 7.2
maximum network connections
Web Cache and, 7.4
max-instances orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.1, 6.8.4, 6.8.4
max-instances-threshold orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.4
MaxKeepAliveRequests httpd.conf directive, 5.3, 5.3.2
Web Cache and, 7.5
MaxRequestsPerChild httpd.conf directive, 5.3
MaxSpareServers httpd.conf directive, 5.3
max-tx-retries orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.1, 6.8.2
calculating for Web Cache, 7.2
configuring for Web Cache, 7.2
ESI and Web Cache, 7.2
JVM heap size, 6.3.1
memory-threshold orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.4
metric table types
CacheStatistics, A.8
CacheSummary, A.8, A.8
DBPortlet, A.8
DBProvider, A.8
JDBC_Connection, A.3.3, A.3.4
JDBC_ConnectionSource, A.3.5
JDBC_DataSource, A.3.2
JDBC_Driver, A.3.1
JDBC_Statement, A.3.6
JMSBrowserStats, A.5.7
JMSConnectionStats, A.5.4
JMSDestinationStats, A.5.10
JMSDurableSubscriptionStats, A.5.9
JMSMessageConsumerStats, A.5.8
JMSPersistenceStats, A.5.13
JMSProducerStats, A.5.6
JMSRequestHandlerStats, A.5.3
JMSSessionStats, A.5.5
JMSStats, A.5.2
JMSStoreStats, A.5.12
JMSTempoaryDestinationStats, A.5.11
JVM, A.2
mod_oc4j_destination_metrics, A.1.6
mod_oc4j_mount_pt_metrics, A.1.6
mod_oc4j_request_failure_causes, A.1.6
modplsql_Cache, A.7, A.7
modplsql_DatabaseConnectionPool, A.7, A.7, A.7
modplsql_HTTPResponseCodes, A.1.2, A.7
modplsql_LastNSQLError, A.7
modplsql_SQLErrorGroup, A.7
oc4j_context, A.4.2
oc4j_ejb_entity_bean, A.4.5.2
oc4j_ejb_method, A.4.5.3
oc4j_jsp(threadsafe=false), A.4.4.2
oc4j_jsp(threadsafe=true), A.4.4.2
oc4j_jspExec, A.4.4.1
oc4j_opmn, A.4.6
oc4j_servlet, A.4.3
oc4j_task, A.6
oc4j_web_module, A.4.1
ohs_module, A.1.5
ohs_server, A.1
opmn_connect, A.9.4, A.9.5, A.9.5, A.9.5
opmn_host_statistics, A.9.2
opmn_ias_instance, A.9.3
opmn_ons, A.9.5
opmn_pm, A.9.1
opmn_process, A.9.4
opmn_process_set, A.9.4
opmn_process_type, A.9.4
PageEngine_PageRequests, A.8
PageEngine_ResponseCodes, A.8
PageStatistics, A.8
Repository_DatabaseConnectionPool, A.8, A.8
RepositoryStatistics, A.8
WebProvider, A.8, A.8
metric tables,
acknowledgeMode.value, A.5.5
activeInstances.value, A.4.4.2
activeThreadGroups.maxValue, A.2
activeThreadGroups.minValue, A.2
activeThreadGroups.value, A.2
activeThreads.maxValue, A.2
activeThreads.minValue, A.2
activeThreads.value, A.2
address.value, A.5.2, A.5.3, A.5.4
availableInstances.value, A.4.4.2
bean-type.value, A.4.5.2
cacheEnabled.value, A.8
CacheFreeSize.value, A.3.5, A.3.5, A.3.5, A.3.5
CacheGetConnection.avg, A.3.5
CacheHit.count, A.3.5
cacheHits.value, A.8, A.8, A.8, A.8
CacheMiss.count, A.3.5
cachePageHits.value, A.8
cachePageRequests.value, A.8
CacheSize.value, A.3.5
cacheStatus.value, A.7, A.7, A.4.5.3
client.avg, A.4.5.3
client.completed, A.4.5.3
clientID.value, A.5.4, A.5.9
client.maxTime, A.4.5.3
client.minTime, A.4.5.3
client.time, A.4.5.3, A.1
connection.avg, A.1
ConnectionCloseCount.count, A.3.1, A.3.2, A.3.1, A.3.2
ConnectionCreate.avg, A.3.1
ConnectionCreate.completed, A.3.1
ConnectionCreate.maxTime, A.3.1
ConnectionCreate.minTime, A.3.1
ConnectionCreate.time, A.3.1
connectionID.value, A.5.3, A.5.11
connection.maxTime, A.1
connection.minTime, A.1
ConnectionOpenCount.count, A.3.1, A.3.2
connections.count, A.5.2
connection.time, A.1, A.7, A.7, A.7
connFetch.avg, A.7, A.7, A.7
connFetch.completed, A.7, A.7, A.7
connFetch.maxTime, A.7, A.7, A.7
connFetch.minTime, A.7, A.7, A.7
connFetch.time, A.7, A.7, A.7
cpuIdle.value, A.9.2
cpuTime.value, A.9.4
CreateNewStatement.avg, A.3.3, A.3.4
CreateStatement.avg, A.3.3, A.3.4
default_application_log.value, A.4.6
deliveryMode.value, A.5.6
desc.value, A.9.5
Destination.value, A.1.6
destination.value, A.5.6, A.5.7, A.5.8, A.5.9, A.5.12, A.5.13
disableMessageID.value, A.5.6
disableMessageTimestamp.value, A.5.6
domain.value, A.5.4, A.5.5, A.5.6, A.5.8, A.5.10, A.5.11
EJB, A.4.5, A.4.5.3
ejbPostCreate.avg, A.4.5.3
ejbPostCreate.completed, A.4.5.3
ejbPostCreate.maxTime, A.4.5.3
ejbPostCreate.minTime, A.4.5.3
ejbPostCreate.time, A.4.5.3
error.count, A.7
errorDate.value, A.7
errorRequest.value, A.7
errorText.value, A.7
ErrReq.count, A.1.6, A.1.6
ErrReqNonSess.count, A.1.6, A.1.6
ErrReqSess.count, A.1.6, A.1.6
exceptionListener.value, A.5.4
exclusive-write-access.value, A.4.5.2
Execute.time, A.3.6, A.3.7, A.8, A.8, A.8, A.8
executeTime.avg, A.8, A.8, A.8, A.8
executeTime.maxTime, A.8, A.8, A.8, A.8
executeTime.minTime, A.8, A.8, A.8, A.8
executeTime.time, A.8, A.8, A.8, A.8
Failover.count, A.1.6, A.1.6
Fetch.time, A.3.6, A.3.7
freeMemory.maxValue, A.2
freeMemory.minValue, A.2
freeMemory.value, A.2
freePhysicalMem.value, A.9.2, A.1, A.1.5
handle.avg, A.1, A.1.5
handle.completed, A.1, A.1.5
handle.maxTime, A.1, A.1.5
handle.minTime, A.1, A.1.5
handle.time, A.1, A.1.5
heapSize.value, A.9.4
hits.count, A.7, A.7, A.7, A.7, A.7
holePageCount.value, A.5.13
host.value, A.5.2, A.5.3, A.5.4, A.9.5
httpXXX.value, A.8, A.8, A.8, A.8
ias_cluster.value, A.4.6
ias_instance.value, A.4.6
iasCluster.value, A.9.3, A.9.4
iasInstance.value, A.9.4
IncorrectReqInit.count, A.1.6
indexInSet.value, A.9.4
interval.value, A.6
isActive.value, A.5.9
isLocal.value, A.5.4
isolation.value, A.4.5.2
isOpen.value, A.5.13
isXA.value, A.5.4, A.5.5
J2EE, A.4
JDBC_Connection_URL, A.3.3
JDBC_Connection_Url, A.3.4
JDBC_Connection_Username, A.3.3, A.3.4
jms_log.value, A.4.6
jobWorkerQueue.value, A.9.1
JSP, A.4.4
JVM, A.2
JVMCnt.value, A.1.6
lastErrorDate.value, A.7
lastErrorRequest.value, A.7
lastErrorText.value, A.7
lastResponseCode.value, A.8, A.8
lastResponseDate.value, A.8, A.8
lastUsed.value, A.5.13
locations.value, A.5.10
LogicalConnection.value, A.3.3, A.3.4
lReq.count, A.9.1
memoryUsed.value, A.9.4
messageCount.value, A.5.12
messageDequeued.count, A.5.12
messageDiscarded.count, A.5.12
messageEnqueued.count, A.5.12
messageExpired.count, A.5.12
messageListener.value, A.5.8
messagePagedIn.count, A.5.12
messagePagedOut.count, A.5.12
messageRecovered.count, A.5.12
moduleId.value, A.9.4
Name.value, A.1.6, A.1.6
name.value, A.5.8, A.5.9, A.5.10
newMisses.count, A.7, A.7, A.7, A.7, A.7
noLocal.value, A.5.8, A.5.9
NonSessFailover.count, A.1.6, A.1.6
notifProcessed.value, A.9.5
notifProcessQueue.value, A.9.5
notifReceived.value, A.9.5
numMods.value, A.1.4
numProcConf.value, A.9.4
numProcessors.value, A.9.2
oc4j_instance.value, A.4.6
oc4j_island.value, A.4.6
oc4j.jms.debug.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.forceRecovery.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.listenerAttempts.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.maxOpenFiles.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.messagePoll.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.noDms.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.saveAllExpired.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.serverPoll.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.socketBufsize.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.usePersistence.value, A.5.2
oc4j.jms.useUUID.value, A.5.2
Oc4jUnavailable.count, A.1.6
offline.value, A.8, A.8
opmn_group.value, A.4.6
opmn_sequence.value, A.4.6
Oracle Application Server performance, A
pageElapsedTimeAvg.count, A.8
pageElapsedTimeAvg.value, A.8
pageElapsedTime.count, A.8
pageElapsedTime.maxValue, A.8
pageElapsedTime.minValue, A.8
pageElapsedTime.value, A.8
pageMetadataFetchTimeAvg.count, A.8
pageMetadataFetchTimeAvg.value, A.8
pageMetadataFetchTime.count, A.8
pageMetadataFetchTime.maxValue, A.8
pageMetadataFetchTime.minValue, A.8
pageMetadataFetchTime.value, A.8
pageMetadataWaitTimeAvg.count, A.8
pageMetadataWaitTimeAvg.value, A.8
pageMetadataWaitTime.count, A.8
pageMetadataWaitTime.maxValue, A.8
pageMetadataWaitTime.minValue, A.8
pageMetadataWaitTime.value, A.8
pageRequests.value, A.8, A.4.1
parseRequest.avg, A.4.1
parseRequest.completed, A.4.1
parseRequest.maxTime, A.4.1
parseRequest.minTime, A.4.1
parseRequest.time, A.4.1
pendingMessageCount.value, A.5.12
persistenceFile.value, A.5.13
persistence-type.value, A.4.5.2
pid.value, A.9.4
portal, A.7
port.value, A.5.2, A.5.3, A.5.4, A.9.5
priority.value, A.5.6
privateMemory.value, A.9.4
procDeath.count, A.9.1
procDeathReplace.count, A.9.1, A.4.1, A.4.4.1
processRequest.avg, A.4.1, A.4.4.1
processRequest.completed, A.4.1, A.4.4.1
processRequest.maxTime, A.4.1, A.4.4.1
processRequest.minTime, A.4.1, A.4.4.1
processRequest.time, A.4.1, A.4.4.1
queueLengthAvg.count, A.8
queueLengthAvg.value, A.8
queueLength.count, A.8
queueLength.maxValue, A.8
queueLength.minValue, A.8
queueLength.value, A.8
queueStayAvg.count, A.8
queueStayAvg.value, A.8
queueStay.count, A.8
queueStay.maxValue, A.8
queueStay.minValue, A.8
queueStay.value, A.8
queueTimeout.value, A.8
reqFail.count, A.9.1, A.9.4
reqPartialSucc.count, A.9.1, A.9.4
reqSucc.count, A.9.1, A.9.4, A.1
request.avg, A.1
request.completed, A.1
requestHandlers.count, A.5.2
request.maxTime, A.1
request.minTime, A.1
requests.count, A.7, A.7
request.time, A.1, A.4.1
resolveContext.avg, A.4.1
resolveContext.completed, A.4.1
resolveContext.maxTime, A.4.1
resolveContext.minTime, A.4.1
resolveContext.time, A.4.1
resolveServlet.avg, A.4.2
resolveServlet.completed, A.4.2
resolveServlet.maxTime, A.4.2
resolveServlet.minTime, A.4.2
resolveServlet.time, A.4.2
restartOnDeath.value, A.9.4
rmi_log.value, A.4.6
rReq.count, A.9.1
run().active, A.6
run().avg, A.6
run().completed, A.6
run().maxActive, A.6
run().maxTime, A.6
run().minTime, A.6
run().time, A.6
selector.value, A.5.7, A.5.8, A.5.9
server_log.value, A.4.6, A.4.2, A.4.3, A.4.4.2
service.avg, A.4.2, A.4.3, A.4.4.2
service.completed, A.4.2, A.4.3, A.4.4.2
service.maxTime, A.4.2, A.4.3, A.4.4.2
service.minTime, A.4.2, A.4.3, A.4.4.2
service.time, A.4.2, A.4.3, A.4.4.2
SessFailover.count, A.1.6, A.1.6
sessionActivation.avg, A.4.2
sessionActivation.completed, A.4.2, A.4.2
sessionActivation.maxTime, A.4.2
sessionActivation.minTime, A.4.2
sessionActivation.time, A.4.2
sessionListener.value, A.5.5
session-type.value, A.4.5.2
sharedMemory.value, A.9.4
SQLText.value, A.3.6, A.3.7
staleMisses.count, A.7, A.7, A.7, A.7, A.7
startTime.value, A.5.2, A.5.3, A.5.4, A.5.5, A.5.6, A.5.7, A.5.8
opmn_process, A.9.4
StatementCacheHit.count, A.3.3
StatementCacheMiss.count, A.3.3, A.3.4
status.value, A.9.4
storeSize.value, A.5.12
SucReq.count, A.1.6, A.1.6
SucReqNonSess.count, A.1.6, A.1.6
SucReqSess.count, A.1.6, A.1.6
taskManagerInterval.value, A.5.2
timestamp.value, A.9.2
timeToLive.value, A.5.6
totalMemory.maxValue, A.2
totalMemory.minValue, A.2
totalMemory.value, A.2
totalPhysicalMem.value, A.9.2
transacted.value, A.5.5
transaction-type.value, A.4.5.2
trans-attribute.value, A.4.5.3
txid.value, A.5.5
type.value, A.9.4
uid.value, A.9.4
UnableToHandleReq.count, A.1.6
upTime.value, A.2, A.9.4
usedPageCount.value, A.5.13
user.value, A.5.4
workerThread.value, A.9.1, A.9.5, A.4.5.3
wrapper.avg, A.4.5.3
wrapper.completed, A.4.5.3
wrapper.maxTime, A.4.5.3
wrapper.minTime, A.4.5.3
wrapper.time, A.4.5.3
xid.value, A.5.5
min-connections datasources option, 6.4.4
min-instances orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.1
MinSpareServers httpd.conf directive, 5.3
cache, 7.6
metric table type, A.7, A.7
metric table type, A.7, A.7, A.7
metric table type, A.1.2, A.7
metric table type, A.7
metric table type, A.7
EJBs, 4.1.2
JSPs, 4.1.2
J2EE applications monitoring, 4.1.2
Oracle HTTP Server, 3.2
performance statistics, 2.1.2
servlets, 4.1.2


naming conventions
DMS, 9.1.4
bandwidth and Web Cache, 7.3
connections and Web Cache, 7.4
on UNIX, 7.4.1
on Windows, 7.4.2
network parameters
setting for Web Cache, 7.5
tuning, 5.1
network performance, 5.2, 5.2.1, 5.2.2, 5.2.3
no-reverseping-failed-ping-limit parameter, 6.14.2
creating, 9.2.2
naming conventions,


applications monitoring, 4.1.2
Instance monitoring, 4.1.1
memory issues, 6.3.1
monitoring performance statistics, 2.1.2
OutofMemoryError, 6.3.1
process monitoring, 4.1.1
dedicated.rmicontext, 6.3.8,
oracle.dms.sensors, 6.3.6
oracle.jdbc.DMSStatementCachingMetrics, 6.3.7
oracle.jdbc.DMSStatementMetrics, 6.3.7
OC4J properties
ejbdeploy.batch, 6.3.9
metric table type, A.4.2
metric table type, A.4.5.2
metric table type, A.4.5.3
metric table type, A.4.4.1
metric table type, A.4.3
metric table type, A.4.1
Oc4jCacheSize, 5.3.4
opmn.xml parameter
no-reverseping-failed-ping-limit, 6.14.2
reverseping-failed-ping-limit, 6.14.2
optimistic locking-mode value, 6.8.2
Oracle Application Server Web Cache. See Web Cache
Oracle Business Components for Java. See ADF
Oracle HTTP Server
configuring with directives, 5.3
monitoring, 3.2
oracle.dms.gate property, 6.3.6
oracle.dms.sensors property, 6.3.6
oracle.jdbc.DMSStatementCachingMetrics property, 6.3.7
oracle.jdbc.DMSStatementMetrics property, 6.3.7 property, 6.11.3
origin server timeout
Web Cache setting, 7.5
with OC4J, 6.3.1


page buffers with JSPs,
PageEngine_PageRequests metric table type, A.8
PageEngine_ResponseCodes metric table type, A.8
PageStatistics metric table type, A.8
hash, 5.1.2
KeepAlive, 3.2.1, 5.3, 5.3.2
KeepAliveTimeout, 5.3
ListenBacklog, 5.3
MaxClients, 5.3, 5.3.1
MaxKeepAliveRequests, 5.3
MaxRequestsPerChild, 5.3
MaxSpareServers, 5.3
MinSpareServers, 5.3
Oc4jCacheSize, 5.3.4
StartServers, 5.3
TCP, 5.1
tcp_conn_hash_size, 5.1,,
tcp_conn_req_max_q, 5.1,
tcp_conn_req_max_q0, 5.1,
tcp_recv_hiwat, 5.1
tcp_slow_start_initial, 5.1
tcp_time_wait_interval, 5.1,
tcp_xmit_hiwat, 5.1
ThreadsPerChild, 5.3.3
Timeout, 5.3
partial page caching
Web Cache and, 7.6
passivate-count orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.4
sfsb-config enable-passivation attribute, 6.5.3
stateful session bean,
application deployment, 6.14.1
goals, 1.3
native operating system, 2.1.4
network monitoring tools, 2.1.5
Web Cache and, 7
Web Cache and CPUs, 7.1
persistent connections
KeepAlive directive, 5.3.2
pessimistic locking-mode value, 6.8.2
PhaseEvent sensors,
pool-cache-timeout orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2, 6.8.3, 6.8.4
metrics, A.7
prefetch-size orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.4.10, 6.8.2
processes used
Web Cache, 7.1


read-only locking-mode value, 6.8.2
recompile main_mode parameter,
Web Cache and, 7.6
reload main_mode parameter,
Repository_DatabaseConnectionPool metric table type, A.8, A.8
RepositoryStatistics metric table type, A.8
resource-check-interval orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.4
response time, 1.2.2
defined, 1.1.1
goal, 1.3
improving, 1.2.1
optimizing for Web Cache, 7.7
peak load, 1.4
reverseping-failed-ping-limit parameter, 6.14.2


defined, 1.1.1
global-thread-pool element, 6.5.4
parameters, 6.5
sfsb-config element, 6.5.3
taskmanager-granularity element, 6.5.2
service time, 1.2.1, 1.2.2
defined, 1.1.1
loading on startup,
monitoring, 4.1.2
unused sessions,
use with JSPs,
session-timeout attribute,,
element, 6.5.3
passivation control,
sock-backlog attribute,
StartServers httpd.conf directive, 5.3
State sensors,
static include
vs. dynamic include,
static text
external resource file,
cache size for Web Cache, 7.2
memory for Web Cache, 7.2
stmt-cache-size attribute, 6.4.9
system properties
DMS metrics, A.2.1


tags_reuse_default JSP parameter,
taskmanager-granularity, 6.5.2
parameters, 5.1
setting parameters, 5.1.2
think time
defined, 1.1.1
ThreadsPerChild, 5.3.3
ThreadsPerChild directive, 5.3.3
defined, 1.1.1
demand limiter and, 1.2.5
increasing, 1.2.2
Timeout httpd.conf directive, 5.3
timeout orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.4, 6.8.4
from EJB, 6.8.1
time-wait settings
Web Cache and, 7.5
transaction-config server.xml parameter, 6.5.1
transaction-timeout orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.5


unit consumption, 1.2.6
unused sessions
update-changed-fields-only orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2
URL parameters
Web Cache and, 7.6


validity-timeout orion-ejb-jar.xml parameter, 6.8.2


wait time
contention and, 1.2.3
defined, 1.1.1
parallel processing and, 1.2.1
wait-timeout datasources option, 6.4.6
Web Cache
cache hit rates, 7.6
calculating memory and cache size, 7.2
configuring memory and cache size, 7.2
Edge Side Includes (ESI), 7.2
garbage collection, 7.2
guidelines for performance, 7
improving performance, 7
network bandwidth, 7.3
network connections, 7.4
on UNIX, 7.4.1
on Windows, 7.4.2
network parameters, 7.5
partial page caching, 7.6
performance and CPUs, 7.1
processes used, 7.1
response time, 7.7
statistics for memory and cache size, 7.2
Web Services
performance issues, 6.9
WebProvider metric table type, A.8, A.8
distributable element,
dmsLogging parameter, 6.3.6
load-on-startup parameter,
session-config element,,
performance counters, 2.2.4
Windows metrics
enabling Performance Counters, 2.2.4


xml format output for dmstool,