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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide

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#HDR_REGION Attribute

In Oracle Applications, the notification header region by default contains general message information such as the from role, recipient, sent date, due date, and notification ID, together with any special header attributes defined for the notification and any linked Oracle Applications attachments. You can optionally use a special message attribute with the internal name #HDR_REGION to replace this default header with a custom header region.

Your custom header must be defined as an Oracle Applications Framework region. For more information about building an Oracle Applications Framework region, refer to OracleMetaLink note 269138.1, Oracle Applications Framework Developer's Guide.

The #HDR_REGION attribute must be of type document and must have a source of Send. Set the value of this attribute to a Java Server Page (JSP) call that references your custom header region. For detailed instructions on how to specify the attribute value, see: Embedding Oracle Applications Framework Regions in Messages.

Note: The Frame Target field is not applicable for message attributes of type document. Additionally, you must not select the Attach Content check box for the #HDR_REGION attribute.

Note: Custom header regions are currently available only for the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications.

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