Oracle ADF Model and Business Components API Reference 10.1.2 B14022-02

Class OracleTypeMapEntries

  extended byoracle.jbo.common.JboTypeMapEntries
      extended byoracle.jbo.common.OracleTypeMapEntries
          extended byoracle.jbo.server.OracleTypeMapEntries

Deprecated. since JDeveloper 5.0 Use oracle.jbo.common.OracleTypeMapEntries instead.

public class OracleTypeMapEntries
extends OracleTypeMapEntries

Populates Oracle-database specific TypeMap Entries for BC4J Designtime and Runtime to map a Database column type to a java-class type and also to jdbc-sqltype and id. The entries should be: COLUMN_TYPE - column type in the database JAVA_CLASS_NAME - Java class which should store in-memory data from the given column-type JDBC_SQL_TYPE - Name of the jdbc sql type id that the subsequent integer-entry represents. JDBC_SQL_TYPE_ID - Integer value from java.sql.Types or a corresponding Types list in jdbc. DISPLAY_LENGTH - Default size for various String/Character types. NUMERIC_TYPE - If this type could handle Precision/Scale validator.

JDeveloper 3.2

Constructor Summary

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Constructor Detail


public OracleTypeMapEntries()

Oracle ADF Model and Business Components API Reference 10.1.2 B14022-02

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