Oracle ADF Model and Business Components API Reference 10.1.2 B14022-02

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Packages that use TransactionListener
oracle.jbo.server Contains the implementation of middle tier components. 


Uses of TransactionListener in oracle.jbo.server


Subinterfaces of TransactionListener in oracle.jbo.server
 interface Entity
          This interface is for BC4J Entity Objects.


Classes in oracle.jbo.server that implement TransactionListener
 class ApplicationModuleImpl
          The base class of Application Modules.
 class EntityImpl
          This class implements the middle-tier representations of database rows.
 class ViewObjectImpl
          The implementation of the ViewObject interface, the middle-tier class that manages database queries and the view rows that result from executing queries.


Methods in oracle.jbo.server with parameters of type TransactionListener
 void NullDBTransactionImpl.addTransactionListener(TransactionListener listener)
          Deprecated. Implementation of the DBTransaction interface.
 void NullDBTransactionImpl.addTransactionListenerNoCheck(TransactionListener listener)
          Deprecated. Implementation of the DBTransaction interface.
 void NullDBTransactionImpl.removeTransactionListener(TransactionListener listener)
          Deprecated. Implementation of the DBTransaction interface.
 void DBTransactionImpl.addTransactionListener(TransactionListener listener)
          Adds a listener to the transaction's list.
 void DBTransactionImpl.addTransactionListenerNoCheck(TransactionListener listener)
          Internal: Applications should not call this method.
 void DBTransactionImpl.removeTransactionListener(TransactionListener listener)
          Removes a subscriber from the transaction's events list.
 void DBTransaction.addTransactionListener(TransactionListener listener)
          Adds a listener to the transaction's list of event subscribers.
 void DBTransaction.addTransactionListenerNoCheck(TransactionListener listener)
          Adds a listener to the transaction's event subscribers list, without checking whether the listener is already on the list.
 void DBTransaction.removeTransactionListener(TransactionListener listener)
          Removes the listener from the transactions list of event subscribers.


Uses of TransactionListener in oracle.jbo.server.ejb.facade


Classes in oracle.jbo.server.ejb.facade that implement TransactionListener
 class CmrAccessorViewImpl
 class EntityFacadeImpl
          Abstract base class for Entity Facade.
 class FinderViewImpl
          Abstract base class for Finder-Based View Object.


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