Oracle Application Server Wireless Java API Reference

Package oracle.panama.messaging.push

Interface Summary
StatusListener The status listener interface.


Class Summary
AddressData AddressData represents a generic address.
DeviceAddressData Common base class for physical devices: email, phone number and subscriber ID etc.
EmailAddressData Email address class.
IMAddressData IM (Instant Messaging) address.
Packet Packet class represents a generic message.
PhoneAddressData International phone number class One international phone number has three parts: country code, area code and local number.
Push A client of Push Server, which sends out messages to Push Server and queries delivery status from Push Server.
PushClientBase Base class of all Push clients.
PushLite Light weight push messaging client, which sends out messages and queries status of delivery to recipients.
Status Status class reports the delivery status of a message ID.
UserAddressData User address class provides a generic representation of user concept.
WAPPushAddressData Class for Subscription Number in WAP push
(Has not been used in this release.)
WorkOrder The purpose of this class is to create mapping between an address to a messageID.


Exception Summary


Oracle Application Server Wireless Java API Reference

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