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Pro*C/C++ Programmer's Guide
Release 9.2

Part Number A97269-03
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List of Figures

1-1 Embedded SQL Program Development
1-2 Features and Benefits
2-1 Embedded SQL Application Development Process
3-1 Connecting through Oracle Net
5-1 Hypothetical DTP Model
9-1 SQLSTATE Coding Scheme
11-1 Loosely Coupling Connections and Threads
11-2 Context Sharing Among Threads
11-3 No Context Sharing Among Threads
11-4 Connection Pooling
11-5 Performance Graph
11-6 Performance Graph Case 1
11-7 Performance Graph Case 2
13-1 Choosing the Right Method
15-1 How Variables Are Set
15-2 Initialized Select Descriptor
15-3 Initialized Bind Descriptor
15-4 Bind Descriptor after the DESCRIBE
15-5 Bind Descriptor after Assigning Values
15-6 Select Descriptor after the DESCRIBE
15-7 Select Descriptor before the FETCH
15-8 Selected Descriptor after the FETCH
17-1 Accessing Objects Using SQL
17-2 Navigational Access
17-3 Navigational Access (continued)
19-1 Using OTT with OCI
19-2 Building an Object-oriented Pro*C/C++ Application
20-1 Oracle Forms and a User Exit
C-1 PL/SQL Boosts Performance
C-2 Cursors Linked using the Cursor Cache