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Pro*C/C++ Programmer's Guide
Release 9.2

Part Number A97269-03
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List of Tables

2-1 Embedded SQL Statements
2-2 Embedded SQL Statements
4-1 Oracle Internal Datatypes
4-2 Oracle External Datatypes
4-3 DATE Format
4-4 C Datatypes for Host Variables
4-5 C to Oracle Datatype Compatibility
4-6 Globalization Support Parameters
5-1 CHAR_MAP Settings
5-2 Default Type Assignments
5-3 SQLLIB Public Functions -- New Names
7-1 Legal Datatype Conversions
8-1 Valid Host Arrays for SELECT INTO
8-2 Host Arrays Valid in an UPDATE
9-1 Predefined Class Codes
9-2 SQLSTATE Status Codes
9-3 SQL Function Codes
10-1 How Macro Option Values Set Micro Option Values
10-2 Precompiler Options
10-3 DBMS and MODE Interaction
11-1 Command Line Options for Connection Pooling
12-1 Values and Effects of the PARSE Option
13-1 Methods for Using Dynamic SQL
14-1 ANSI SQL Datatypes
14-2 DYNAMIC Option Settings
14-3 TYPE_CODE Option Settings
14-4 Definitions of Descriptor Item Names for GET DESCRIPTOR
14-5 Oracle Extensions to Definitions of Descriptor Item Names for GET DESCRIPTOR
14-6 Descriptor Item Names for SET DESCRIPTOR
14-7 Oracle Extensions to Descriptor Item Names for SET DESCRIPTOR
15-1 Oracle Internal Datatypes
15-2 Oracle External Datatypes and Datatype Codes
15-3 Precision and Scale Values for SQL Datatypes
16-1 LOB Access Methods
16-2 Source LOB and Precompiler Datatypes
16-3 LOB Attributes
17-1 Valid Choices for CONTEXT OBJECT OPTION Values
17-2 Using New Database Types in Pro*C/C++
17-3 Using New C Datatypes in Pro*C/C++
18-1 Object and Collection Attributes
18-2 Collection and Host Array Allowable Type Conversions
18-3 Attributes of a COLLECTION DESCRIBE
19-1 Object Datatype Mappings for Object Type Attributes
19-2 Object Datatype Mappings for Collection Types
B-1 Pro*C and C++ Keywords
B-2 Oracle Reserved Namespaces
F-1 Functional Summary of the Embedded SQL Statements and Directives
F-2 Precompiler Directives and Embedded SQL Statements and Clauses