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Oracle® Spatial User's Guide and Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10826-01
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List of Examples

2-1 Simple Example: Inserting, Indexing, and Querying Spatial Data
2-2 SQL Statement to Insert a Rectangle
2-3 SQL Statement to Insert a Polygon with a Hole
2-4 SQL Statement to Insert a Compound Line String
2-5 SQL Statement to Insert a Compound Polygon
2-6 SQL Statement to Insert a Point-Only Geometry
2-7 Query for Point-Only Geometry Based on a Coordinate Value
2-8 SQL Statement to Insert a Geometry with a Type 0 Element
3-1 Control File for a Bulk Load of Cola Market Geometries
3-2 Control File for a Bulk Load of Polygons
3-3 Control File for a Bulk Load of Point-Only Data
3-4 Procedure to Perform a Transactional Insert Operation
3-5 PL/SQL Block Invoking a Procedure to Insert a Geometry
4-1 Primary Filter with a Temporary Query Window
4-2 Primary Filter with a Transient Instance of the Query Window
4-3 Primary Filter with a Stored Query Window
4-4 Secondary Filter Using a Temporary Query Window
4-5 Secondary Filter Using a Stored Query Window
5-1 Geocoding, Returning Address Object and Specific Attributes
6-1 Using a Geodetic MBR
6-2 Creating a User-Defined Projected Coordinate System
6-3 Creating a User-Defined Geodetic Coordinate System
6-4 Simplified Example of Coordinate System Transformation
6-5 Output of SELECT Statements in Coordinate System Transformation Example
7-1 Including LRS Measure Dimension in Spatial Metadata
7-2 Simplified Example: Highway
7-3 Simplified Example: Output of SELECT Statements
C-1 Finding All Cities Within a Distance of a Highway
C-2 Finding All Highways Within a Distance of a City
C-3 Finding the Cities Nearest to a Highway
C-4 Finding the Cities Above a Specified Population Nearest to a Highway
C-5 Performing Aggregate Union of All Counties in Texas