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Oracle® Spatial User's Guide and Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10826-01
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List of Figures

1-1 Geometric Types
1-2 Query Model
1-3 MBR Enclosing a Geometry
1-4 R-Tree Hierarchical Index on MBRs
1-5 The Nine-Intersection Model
1-6 Topological Relationships
1-7 Distance Buffers for Points, Lines, and Polygons
1-8 Tolerance in an Aggregate Union Operation
2-1 Areas of Interest for the Simple Example
2-2 Rectangle
2-3 Polygon with a Hole
2-4 Compound Line String
2-5 Compound Polygon
2-6 Point-Only Geometry
2-7 Geometry with Type 0 (Zero) Element
4-1 Geometries with MBRs
4-2 Layer with a Query Window
7-1 Geometric Segment
7-2 Describing a Point Along a Segment with a Measure and an Offset
7-3 Measures, Distances, and Their Mapping Relationship
7-4 Measure Populating of a Geometric Segment
7-5 Measure Populating with Disproportional Assigned Measures
7-6 Linear Feature, Geometric Segments, and LRS Points
7-7 Creating a Geometric Segment
7-8 Defining a Geometric Segment
7-9 Redefining a Geometric Segment
7-10 Clipping, Splitting, and Concatenating Geometric Segments
7-11 Measure Assignment in Geometric Segment Operations
7-12 Segment Direction with Concatenation
7-13 Scaling a Geometric Segment
7-14 Offsetting a Geometric Segment
7-15 Locating a Point Along a Segment with a Measure and an Offset
7-16 Ambiguity in Location Referencing with Offsets
7-17 Multiple Projection Points
7-18 Conversion from Standard to LRS Line String
7-19 Segment for Clip Operation Affected by Tolerance
7-20 Simplified LRS Example: Highway
8-1 Spatial Mining and Oracle Data Mining
13-1 Arc Tolerance
16-1 Translating a Geometric Segment
19-1 Simplification of a Geometry