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Oracle® Database Advanced Replication Management API Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10733-01
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DBMS_REFRESH enables you to create groups of materialized views that can be refreshed together to a transactionally consistent point in time.

This chapter contains this topic:

Summary of DBMS_REFRESH Subprograms

Table 17-1 DBMS_REFRESH Package Subprograms
Subprogram Description

"ADD Procedure"

Adds materialized views to a refresh group.

"CHANGE Procedure"

Changes the refresh interval for a refresh group.

"DESTROY Procedure"

Removes all of the materialized views from a refresh group and deletes the refresh group.

"MAKE Procedure"

Specifies the members of a refresh group and the time interval used to determine when the members of this group should be refreshed.

"REFRESH Procedure"

Manually refreshes a refresh group.

"SUBTRACT Procedure"

Removes materialized views from a refresh group.