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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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An activity is a unit of work that contributes toward the accomplishment of a process. An activity can be a notification, a function, an event, or a process. A notification activity sends a message to a workflow user. The message may simply provide the user with information or request the user to take some action. A function activity calls a PL/SQL stored procedure or some external program to perform an automated function. An event activity receives, raises, or sends a business event. A process activity is a modelled workflow process, which can be included as an activity in another process to represent a sub-process.

Activities are organized beneath their respective Processes, Notifications, Functions, or Events headings in the navigator tree. You can create, edit, and delete activity definitions in the navigator tree, and drag an activity from the tree into a Process window to create a new usage of that activity in a process diagram. Each activity is depicted as an icon in a process diagram

Oracle Workflow provides an item type called Standard that includes generic activities you can use in any process you define. For example, some of the activities perform standard functions such as comparing two values. See: Standard Activities.

Oracle Workflow also provides an item type called System:Error that includes standard error processes and activities you can use to create a custom error process. You can assign an error process to a process activity. If an error occurs, the error process informs Oracle Workflow how to handle the error. See: Error Handling for Workflow Processes.

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