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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Standard APIs for a Queue Handler

When you define an agent in the Business Event System, you must assign the agent a queue handler. The queue handler is a package that translates between the standard Workflow event message format defined by the WF_EVENT_T datatype and the message format required by the queue associated with the agent.

Oracle Workflow provides two standard queue handlers for queues that use the WF_EVENT_T format, WF_EVENT_QH for normal processing and WF_ERROR_QH for error queues. Oracle Workflow also provides a standard queue handler named WF_EVENT_OJMSTEXT_QH for queues that use JMS Text messages as their payload format. Additionally, Oracle Workflow provides a standard queue handler named WF_EVENT_OMB_QH which you can set up and use if you implement Oracle Message Broker in Oracle8i Database to propagate event messages between systems.

You can also create your own custom queue handlers for queues that use other formats. If you create a custom queue handler, you must provide the following standard APIs in your package:

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